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smiley no thank you!
okay here is that set that i "thouht" i had.. haa!!

its a huge one 8 origami butterflies in gingham each paper made myself with my paper making action.i tried to stick to the fall/winter season colors that i am trying to incorporate...enjoy!!!

Link expired!

got some new color palettes out this week...

Winter, Fall and Autumn colors, inspired by photos with the colors in them..

"Dame de Pique" Color Palette Page

"Chilly Sunrise" Color Palette Page

"Halloween Chill" Color Palette Page

...or if you want to see all the new ones i have done this week or all 154 Color Palettes Click here--?All palettes smiley


working on new one big pack of bows smiley

"Fall Harvest"

Link Expired!!

New Palettes that have to do with Halloween and Fall Season!!

Ghost Gatherings

Pumpkin Faces

..and many more here New Palettes all new palettes out now!

Newer Color Palettes this week..

Full page of Color Palettes 170 in all

I will have new things out soon.. but i got color palettes until then!

Names of palettes are on the palettes themselves.

Link for all my newest palettes is before this post!


smiley smiley

My Halloween-ish set is here. It's gonna be the only one. The papers and patterns i used, some from here some i made. smiley

This is a big pack, 2 bows and their ribbons, 2 scrap bows, 2 origami butterflies. Enjoy!

Link Expired!!

Also..I started a FB scrapbooking page, but have since then canceled it because the food blog is taking up my time as a digi scrapper, so the only place to find my stuff is here. Sorry smiley

Just in time for Christmas!!

Click here to download the Zip file! PU okay, colors optimized for printing:) Link Expired!!

I might have another pack coming of bows, no butterflies they aren't very

**If you have a problem printing them like the colors are different, let me know please. thanks

In honor of my Birthday today!

I have 2 new color palettes that are bright and cheerful and totally scream "birthday" to me!

Click on link, then the download options are on the right hand side of the page!

Delightful Sweets

Joyous Admiration


These bows are lovely! I want them for my hair lol. Thank you!

Another Holiday pack. #2. PU. Enjoy!

Holiday pack 2

I don't know. should i do another pack??? smiley

Beautiful ribbons, thank you!

No, thank you!

here is another pack, pack number 3. also i included 3 little bows and their matching ribbons! Part of the Happy Holidays Christmas packs.. i just named it differently. LOL

The green and Purple tiny bows and matching ribbons are glitterized. I have some glitter through out the bows as well. PU as always!

Link Expired!!

Thank you! Love the nice clean colors.

New bows coming soon!!!!

haa! i said bows, but i made butterflies instead...

I have not done a freebie in months! I just been super busy with my food blog, i have more readers now and life has been crazy!!!

I have project after project, but i promise to deliver bows and butterflies when i can! I made a new logo not sure if i like it lol.

Here is some butterflies i just made from a pattern i made, it's got a grungy feel to it, 6 total!. Enjoy!

Grungy Pack of Butterflies

@ Kim. You are welcome!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Love your bow butterflies! Beautiful

Thank you! i am starting to do more bows now.. and maybe some butterflies.

I have some Butterflies coming soon!!!

This is a special,special pack. I found some GREAT! papers made by Harper Finch that were a freebie. So i made the latest Butterflies out of them.


HF Touch of Edge Butterfies

You have some beautiful color palettes. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Sara
Is there any chance that you could make a glitter pack of butterflies in bright summer colours? (I am in Africa - we have a sunny Christmas)
We always braai for our festive meal (sort of like your barbeque, but over an open fire) and I think it would make a fantastic page.
Perhaps one glitter colour for each butterfly then I could use then on different pages?

Love it. Thanks.

wow! Thanks!

I might make some more butterflies. I kinda got away from doing them for a while, life been busy as heck.