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Thank you. I have an addiction to paper. LOVE

Beautiful papers!

Sorry, these are expired! smiley

Nice papers, Brandi!

Thank you for sharing the vibrant papers! I love the colors as well as the textures.

Sorry, this one isn't available anymore. smiley

Hi y'all! I've got another one for you!

Enjoy smiley

Love that plaid paper, Brandi - going to go d/l - tyvm! smiley

Hi y'all - I just wanted to bump this to let everyone know that everything on my site labeled '2013 Collection' is going away as a freebie as of 4/30/13, to be put in my store. So grab them now!! I'll also have a blog train freebie on the 1st, and a few more freebie things this weekend for NSD. smiley

hi thanks. smiley

Everything on my blog marked '2013 Collection' has been moved to the store, but I have some new stuff both on the blog and on Facebook.


Also Facebook, but only through May 6:

And a blog freebie:

love them thank u. smiley

Brandi You do wonderful things thanks

Thank you all for the nice comments. smiley Here are a couple of frames I've posted recently.


Thank you smiley

Thanks! Off to check them out!

Love your collection!! The colors are amazing. Thank you!

Love your collection!! The colors are amazing. Thank you!

Thank you all for the nice comments. smiley Here is a little miscellaneous freebie:

Super fun! Those flowers are intense, in a good way!

Thank you Brandi - your papers are so nice, they almost look like handmade paper!! Love the detail

I tried to post a reply a couple of days ago and my browser crashed and I forgot to come back... anyway I just wanted to say I really like those flowers... very nice... thank you for the freebie!

I just wanted to make a quick note that my website is down off and on for the next few days, because I'm transferring it to a different, more reliable, webhost. Because of that, these freebie links might be broken off and on! I apologize for that.

I do have a new one up in my store at MyMemories. It coordinates with some of my older 2013 Collection items (most of which are no longer available). If I'm not supposed to link to the store, please let me know and I'll edit this out!

Thank you for sharing.

I've got a new Facebook freebie up now. You have to 'Like' my page to grab it.

These are fantastic. Thanks.

I've got some simple 2013 journal cards on my blog. smiley

Click here if the image doesn't load.

love the flower bows, is that a action or die cut?

Sara, I'm not sure which ones you mean, but I don't usually use actions. I don't like the way they turn out, in most cases. smiley

Thanks for the journal cards