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FREEBIES: Caffeine Fueled Momma

Hi Everyone! I wanted to introduce myself. I am the owner of Caffeine Fueled Momma. My site is about PSP, Scrapbooking, Freebies, Crafting, and lots more. I created my first kit the other day, and wanted to share it with all you guys and gals. Enjoy!

Download Here

Beautiful!! Tks...

Very Pretty!

Very Nice

thanks guys! I love the encouragement

Nice job!

Well, I am back posting my week two of the Aprils Paper a Day Challenge for week two. Head over to my site for the free download of all 7 papers this week.

Download Here

Thank you for the free kit and papers - very nice!


I have made a new template (my first) as a freebie. Hope you enjoy

Visit my site for the download.

hi thank u. smiley

Thank you Joyce...

I made another kit! Hope you all enjoy as much as my future little girls will!

Download Here

Beautiful kit!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful kit!

Another freebie over at my site! Download it here smiley

Week One of the May Element a Day Challenge freebies! Enjoy them here

Beautiful I love it thanks

Love the month masks, thank you!

Ooh! Just thought of a project when I saw your month masks! Thank you for these. smiley

hi thank u. smiley

Thank you for all the pretty freebies, I like your color schemes and your designs!

Thank you everyone for the comments. I am trying to keep up with the challenges and also get ready for my second child to be born

I looked around for a kit that had rainbow dash in it or a my little pony kit, and wasnt able to find one. So here is my newest kit

Download here

I love the photo masks and the Rainbow Dash kit. My girls love My Little Pony...and I don't mind it either (it's like being a kid again smiley)

WOW!!!! the colors of the "sisters" freebie is GORGEOUS!!!! I hope to someday make a kit as great as that one! smiley

so cute thanks smiley

WOW, your freebies are great... I especially like Sisters, Rainbow Dash and the Month Masks... Thank you so much!

I know I have been MIA for a while now but I wanted to post my newest freebie post for you here.

Download here

Great job Megan, I really love your work.
I also LOVE your site name as I too, am a caffeine fueled mama smiley
Hope all is well with the new baby!

Thanks Tiffany. I am trying to get back into the swing of things