FREEBIES CU/PU: Callaluna Creations

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I have a mini kit available for free on my blog as part of the Alopecia Areata Awareness blog train:

Also, I'd appreciate feedback on my new packaging!

All is Very nice, love the hat!

Love the mario. Wish I would have stumbled on the rubber duckies stuff sooner smiley

Shelby, you've got mail! smiley

I love the Mario freebie!

@Shelby I have to say the same thing about both the rubber duckie and the roller derby. Both look great!

I love the Mario freebie... and as to your request for feedback on your new packaging... I like it... the S4H in the corner is a little hard to read because the four blends really well with the cork behind it, but other than that I think the packaging looks great... I'd even go so far as to say I like it better than your old packaging which was cute, but your name was hard to read... your name is very legible in your new packaging and I like the use of the cork board.

Edit: Oh and I wanted to tell you that I love that cute heart stem element in the Alopecia Areata Awareness blog train kit... the butterfly is cute too, but I'm in love with the heart stem thingy! lol.

how fun!!

Thanks ladies! I have another new freebie up on my blog, my part of this months Triune blog train:

Here is my portion of the Fibromyalgia Awareness blog train:

You can find it on my blog.


Thanks Marissa!

To celebrate my grand opening at With Love Studio, I have a quick page I made with my latest release, Mrs. Prather's Penguins:

You can get it on my Facebook page!

Thank you for the gifts.

Thanks for the duck kit!

Is there any chance of getting the Mario freebie?

For some reason I could not get to your store! I really liked that huge collab you took part in. The result was fabulous!

Thanks for making your freebies available. I particularly liked the Alopecia Areata Awareness kit.

Cute QP!!

"Bee Me Up" is available for a limited time on my Facebook Page:

A coordinating solid paper pack is available on my blog:

Happy DSD!

Beautiful, Thank you for sharing smiley

Wonderful, thanks for sharing!!

Seth loves those papers, Heather...

Glad to hear it! smiley

Bee Me Up is only going to be free for a few more days, so grab it now! Also, a little birdie told me that a matching alpha is going to be the freebie in the November 14th newsletter from With Love Studio, so if you aren't a subscriber, be sure to sign up before then!

Nice job on this. I wish I could get it.

Sorry you missed it, Geri. It will be in my shop on Friday, with all the pieces combined into one kit for $3.99 (20% off for the first week its in stores). My shop is at With Love Studio.

Such cute kits! Thanks for sharing!

I cannot claim credit for anything other than the clustering with this freebie, but Tammy from Polka Dot chicks has graciously allowed me to offer this cluster freebie made with the gorgeous "Classic Beauty." Download link is here:

I provided the freebie for the With Love Studio Facebook page this month! This is a revamp of a kit I made last year and never released. As it turns out, I have improved a bit since then! I hope everyone enjoys the kit!

Calming and refreshing. Makes me want to take a walk in a beautiful meadow. Very nice.