FREEBIES PU: Carioca Digital Scrapbook

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Obrigado por todo o trabalho bonito e partes generoso!
I hope this was a correct translation!

Thank you for your affection to write in Portuguese!
You are exactly right! smiley

Another challenge accepted!
This time the challenge is In the Kitchen!

The kit will be available until May 18.

Available HERE

I love the kit! My kids are very involved in the 4-H Food & Nutrition project and I'm always looking for food related items. This is perfect! Thanks!

Kathryn, You are welcome!
I hope it's helpful to your children !!!

Thank you!

Julie, you are welcome!!!

Thank you for this wonderful kit !

Nathalie, , you are welcome! smiley

thank you. these are so cute!

Thank you, Doris!!!!

Great kit! So many fun kitchen elements and the papers are beautiful. Thank you!

In the Kitchen looks great!

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you, Val!

Thank you, Joanne!
I hope it's useful to you!

You are welcome, Olga!

New challenge!
Designer Challenge - Tags Templates!
In PSD format

Download HERE

Cute tags!

Thanks, Kathryn!

thanks for the great tags.

Thank you for the tags!

Myra and Tosia, you ar welcome! smiley

This is a lovely kit. Thank you.

You are welcome, Jan!!!

I've just found your Law mini kit and tag templates - they're fabulous! Thank you so much smiley

Joanne, You are welcome!
Thank you for your comment!
I hope you can take advantage of the kits !!!!

New freebie for a limited time!!


I'm sorry, EXPIRED!!!!!

Another wonderful kit - thank you!

You are welcome, Joanne! smiley