FREEBIES PU: Carioca Digital Scrapbook

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Thanks for the kit! It's so cute smiley

Thank you, Kathryn! Ever so gently

Totally worth getting on your mailing list! Never know when I forget to check this board!

Thank you, Tosia!
I put down new freebie

My brushes Challenge Make your own brushes


Marcella you have done a great job on the kits in this forum. Thank you for sharing with us. I love the brushes and am going to hurry over to the tutorial. Who knows, maybe I will even enter--but I'm not holding my breath! LOL

Thank you, Debbie!
It's really cool part of the challenges! I'm sure you will like and will do a great job !!!

Love the brushes! Thanks!

Thank you, Kathryn!!! smiley

Template Circle!


Oh, oh, oh! Thank you Marcela for the template. I love that circle. I'm going to have to play with it to understand how you made each part of that circle a different color and pattern. Thank you so much for sharing. I LOVE it.

Debbie, you are welcome!
I believe it is not difficult to use. I separated and named layers.

Thanks for the template, Marcela!

Kathryn, you are welcome! smiley

Thanks for all the great stuff! Love the kitchen.

Jennifer, I is whom I thank! I'm glad you enjoyed the kit!



Thanks for the template!!!!

You are welcome, Lilian!!!

The QP is beautiful. I love the cluster of "Forget-Me-Not" flowers--anyway that is what they look like to me. I love this. THank you so much.

Debbie, I'm glad you liked it !!!
I love flowers but I must confess that not much ocnheço their names.

Thank you for the new freebies

You are welcome, Angela!

Another QP!
Unfortunately no time to make more elaborate kits, but prometos kits soon!


Hey Marcela. I had to grab your brushes again since I couldn't find mine--they weren't in photoshop nor were they in my folder. I'm getting too old to remember this stuff I guess! LOL Anyway, I will try it again. Thanks for it and for the beautiful QP here.

Hello, Debbie!
I put again the file of brushes. Please, try to downlaod again and thank you for letting me know.
Thank you!

Thank you Marcela. I got them and hopefully won't loose them this time! smiley

Debbie, you are welcome!
Please downlaod having problems with me know that I set.

Marcela I have enjoyed looking through your lovely designs - I have downloaded a couple & I look forward to using them! I think you are Portugese? If so, Obrigada!! (I fell in love with Porto and the surrounding valley in 2013)!! ~M x

Thank you very much for the lovely designs!