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Freebies: PU Extra Sprinkle

This will be the thread for all of my freebies going forward.

Today I have some Rainbow Hexagon Digital Papers for you.

Here is a set of word art to celebrate the 90th Birthday of Mickey Mouse.

I have a new freebie today! Come check out the Thanksgiving Flair I just shared on my blog.

Love the word art and the flairs are so cute!!

Hey everyone! I have a new template freebie up today. Hope you enjoy it.

Start the week off with a new freebie- wanderlust photo templates!

Today I have a tiny brad alpha up on the blog.

Thanks for sharing smiley

Today I have some fun wooden Christmas discs up on the blog

Here are some fun black and gold Christmas brads I posted this morning-

Love all of it!

Thank you!

Are you participating in Document Your December? Today I have a free set of journal cards that will help make the daily documenting easy and quick.

Good morning everyone! I am excited to share some Christmas Glitter Words with you today.

Come download them on the blog-

Oooooo! I'm LOVING the glitter words! Thank you!

Desieree - your kits are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Thank you so much!

Yes- I am loving the glitter words too! I definitely need to make more of them!

Stop by the blog today and download the December Word Art I made.

Today's freebie is some winter animal brads. Enjoy!

thank you for the freebies, especially the templates

Such lovely freebies! Thanks for sharing. I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it thought I was a bot! I think I might use some of the word templates in my Advent journal. Would you consider doing a flat, printable version of the brads. They are so cute!

I am having issues with it thinking people are bots and I cannot figure it out. I have no moderation on whatsoever- I may need to contact wordpress to help me get it figured out.

Which brads would you like flat?

I have a special download today for all of you that celebrate HANUKKAH! Stop by the blog and download the Hanukkah Word Art-

ooooh wow-wonderful freebies! Thank you so much. I like especially the Word Arts.

@Desiree: I love the little animal flairs. I'd love to print them out and use them!

Desiree- I took a look at your blog, and your items are lovely! I like the clean stamp look of the word art, and the flair pieces are just too cute. Thank you for sharing! (It wouldn't let me comment on your blog, so I'm glad I can do it here.)

I am having issues with the comments now and we cannot figure out what is going on. If you happen to try again, would you take a screenshot of what it says? Maybe it will help us figure out how to fix it! Also, thank you for your kind words!

Hello everyone! Today I have a set of black and gold Christmas journal cards for you to download!