Freebies CU & PU: Marcy Coate Designs

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LOL! Now that you mention it, I guess they do!!!!

They would be perfect for invitations to a slumber party... smiley

...or anything "girly" smiley

*sigh* I love girly.... I have been a mom since 1995 (two boys and a tomboy daughter, each born about 1-1/2 years apart). I have missed girly colours and things since my daughter turned three and announced she no longer liked pink. Before then, all she would wear was frilly dresses that were pink, purple, and white. The more lace and ruffles the better. When she renounced girly, she started wearing jeans and cargo pants and still does to this day. She has, this last year, finally started wearing small touches of girly but I think these beautiful designs would horrify her if I made her a set of cards with these! smiley

OMG Madge! LOL! smiley