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Thank you so much smiley

wow... I am going to have to get a bigger computer. Too much here, love it!

@Rani I love your Ride mini kit. Thank you for sharing. I created a Project life page with it. Here is the link

Beautiful work! smiley

really pretty

really pretty

Thank you so much for taking the time to make these!

Love the camping elements. Camped for years, and boy, do I miss it!!! Thanks!!!

thanks for sharing you freebies with us!

I downloaded the Camping Kit you have posted. We are headed out on a 2 week camp out soon. These will come in handy when I upload pics!! smiley Thank you so much for sharing!!

Thank you, these are nice.

Thank you! smiley

Thank you!

Wow I just found these and they are great smiley , it is wonderful to see free CU items with sch great quality.
Thanks Again

Thank you! smiley

I love the Ride kit and the Camping elements! So cute! Thank you for sharing your talents. smiley

Thank you so much for all this amzing kits!!! congrats and well done!!!

Thank you i love it.

Thank you! Snagged 3 of them.

Thank you Rani for this beautiful and creative freebies smiley smiley

Such lovely papers! smiley I love the fun mix of colours used in the Creativity and Splash of Color packs, and the muted neutrality of the Sweet pack... Yeesh, at the rate my collection is growing, I'm going to need a hard drive just for scrapbook stuff! Thanks so much for offering these up!

Thanks Rani! Super kits

Rani, Thank You so much for sharing your colorful designs! smiley

Great job on the bike & camping kits....thanks!


*gasp* These are so pretty!!! smiley

Wow, great work. Thanks for sharing with others.

I love your kits.

Thank you. I love the Boho Chic kit, such lovely colours.

Thank you - I especially love the camping and bike kits.