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Thank you, Rani, I know I'll be able to use some of these things in the kit I'm doing right now. Sooo happy!

Thank you, Love the Winter Kit with the Elk!

Thank you for sharing your cute kits!

so cute! thanks!


Thank you for sharing. Your kits are great and so creative.

Thank you for your beautiful work. I can't wait until I go "home" back to the US so I can get them. Blogs and many websites are blocked in China. They will become a nice "Welcome Home" gift to myself. Thanks again.

Thank you so much!

Goodness gracious! What a wonderful grabbag full of freebies. thank you

Hi, there

I just wanted to show you a quick little frame I made using the arrow from your "Snow Winter" pack. I am planning to ask for gallery and/or commons access as soon as possible so that I can upload full sizeditems for everyone to use.

When I learn to make the frame with more texture and interest, I'll share that image as well. I downloaded a bunch of plugins for this morning. They should provide a big improvement in what I'm able to produce.

OOOHH.... I just LOVE the "Fun Shapes" papers!! Thanks so much for sharing these with us!! smiley

very cute. thanks

the metallic word art is what I like.