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Thanks for sharing Sheila

love the eggs!! thanks

I love this bunting..

Beautiful pastels, thank you Sheila

I love these, candy colors are my favorite. thank you!

I love the colors!

Here are some CU Earth Day Papers I created using my own templates:

download here

Very nice, Thank you!

hi cute thank u. smiley

You do wonderful things thanks

love the pendant!! now can those colors be changed?? not a big deal if not! i love your stuff!! smiley

Love your stuff! You have some great overlays and papers! I'm enjoying exploring all the goodies on your website smiley Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing smiley

Hi have some really great stuff! First off, let me thank you for your generosity in sharing your beautiful work.

I was visiting your blog downloading some of your stuff. I love the overlays and was able to download many, as well as the papers; but some have downloaded as .png-original & .jpeg-original files.

I'm sorry to say that I'm not familiar with how to open those...I tried with photoshop but they were incompatible...can you please help?

I have very few layered templates on my site. Almost all of my works are in flattened .png (with transparent areas) or .jpeg format. The quick-pages all have a transparent area for photos. What I do is open the QP in my program (I use, decide the size I either need to have my photos at and/or my QP at, then add them in as a new layer below the flattened QP. When I am done, I save the piece under a new name, and make it a flattened .png or .jpeg. (see example of finished QP) I'm not very good at explaining, so I hope this helps!