Freebies CU/PU: dhariana scraps- update 05/26/2020

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Freebies CU/PU: dhariana scraps- update 05/26/2020

Hi everyone!

I have new freebies:

My participation at the NDC:

A revisit of an old kit:

Thank you!!!

Hi, I have a tutorial in pdf form about reducing (and sometimes eliminating) jaggies. Learning how to do this was so good, and made a lot of the things I had much better! I unfortunnately don't know where to find the tutorial I originally read so I put up this new one. smiley I hope you like it and find it useful! Let me know if it is confusing or something (This is the first tutorial I write) The link to download it is HERE

Lovely kit, thank you.

I love your Dr. Cute kit! Super adorable! Unfortunately, I have a kid who is sick ALL THE TIME, so I have a plethora of pictures of her sick or in the hospital! This will be great, thank you!

Love the fresh colors and paper patterns especially. Thank you!

Your kits are lovely!! Thank you for sharing. smiley

Thank you girls!!! I hope you have lots of fun with them!
@Heather: Oh! I hope she gets better with time!

Dhariana I especially love the Boy Zone kit! The papers are fabulous (so kind of you to make them available to us) and the elemts are so varied and really good for boys. Many thanks and best wishes.

These are all really great kits! Thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for these great kits! I love Boy Zone for my grandsons.

Thank you all girls!

hi thank u. smiley

You do wonderful things thanks

OMG, where I was on the last months that I haven´t seen your clean jaggies tutorial till now? I hope you don´t mind me sharing it in the colab topic smiley

Thank you Lórien! Of course you can share it anywhere you want! Glad it was helpful! smiley

Really lovely kits - thank you so much.

Cintia, Thank you for the great kits!

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you all!!

Woow amazing kits again.... i love it thanks for sharing

Thank you for sharing!

Love your kits! I know I will have fun with the Cheerful and Travel kits. Thanks!

Thank you everybody!!!

hi all so cu smiley te thank u so much,

Thank you so much! I just downloaded your latest kit. Your layout inspired me!

they are good, thank you!

these are awesome! so creative

Thanks girls!!! I hope you have lots of fun! smiley

I really love the travel set! But they look amazing.

Your kits just look amazing. I can't wait to see your tutorial and use some of your designs. You are very talented.

Thank you so much girls!!!
@Retta: If you need any help with the tutorial, please let me know! smiley