FREEBIES PU: dhariana scraps- update 05/26/2015

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i smiley all the colors in the kits!! smiley

Fabulous kits! Thank you so much!

These are all cute!

You are so great!! Thank you. How do we get replies here so I know you said something to me definitely. I just checked back?

I used the Boy Zone kit in the newest monthly challenge for September involving shapes. I sure wish I had come here first. I see some jaggy edges on my pictures. I am so new to doing layouts. I will have to look at the tutorial for my next layout and fix the jaggies.
Thanks for all the amazing kits.


Thank you so much girls!! Yu are all very nice! smiley
@Kay: I love you LO! I love to see the kits in use!!! smiley
@Retta: If you have any doubts you can send them to me via contact (next to the little envelope under my avatar) This way anything you ask will come to my email box and I'll answer that way too. Sounds good? (I really don't know how to subscribe to the threads here so I may not notice for a while if you ask here and you may not see when I answer) maybe we could ask Marisa?

these are amazing

Thank you. I was able to pick up some of the kits I missed while our internet was down.;)

Beautiful kits! Thanks for sharing!

smiley Great Kits, thank you for letting us use them.

Pat x

I love the Travel to Fantasy Land kit! It's so Magical!

I have a new kit in my blog:

you can find it HERE

Wonderful kit, thank you!

Love this kit! Thank you!

Thank you girls!! smiley

Thank you