Freebies CU/PU: dhariana scraps- update 05/26/2020

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Thanks girls!

Love the doctor kit! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you Arlene!

Here is my new freebie:

Find it HERE

Thank you smiley


Thank you girls! I hope you have lots of fun with it! smiley

Thanks for the Fly a Kit and Mechanics kits!

I am a big fan! Thank you!

Thank you girls! Wow, I'm blushing! smiley

Cintia, I love your Check up time kit... I especially love the muted tones you used. I also really like the stamp frames you used in the Care of the Earth kit!

Another beautiful kit! Thank you so much!

Thank you Sera and Steph! I hope you can have tons of fun with them! smiley

thank you dhariana!

Thanks so much for the lovely kits.

Thank you Soro and Marel!

very beautiful kits. thank you

Thanks Vroni! smiley

here is my participation at the Digi Hop train:

Find the download links in my BLOG

Great theme, thank you!

Thank you smiley

Great kit, thanks!

Thank you girls! smiley

Thank you

Terrific. Thank you.

Thank you girls! I hope you find tons of use! smiley

Here is a new one:

find it in my BLOG

Thank you for sharing smiley

i like it. thank you

oh I love that everyday kit. fabulous colours and very useable elements. thanks!!