Freebies CU/PU: dhariana scraps- update 05/26/2020

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Thank you ladies! Have lots of fun! smiley

Here is my new kit up in my blog:

Download HERE

oh i love the colours. thanks for sharing. it´s beautiful

Thank you Vroni!

Love it! Thanks smiley


Very Cute Back to School Kit, Thank you!

Just passing by to tell you I have a new kit in my blog:

Wow, thank you!

I'm luvin that! Luv anything coffee related! smiley Thank you!

thanks for sharing your things with us, they are very nice

Thank you girls! smiley


Thanks Rachel

Thank you!

I made this one for a challenge at The Studio. It was fun designing it:

So cute! Thank you!

Here is my Pet Shoppe mini kit:

Oh my goodness, so CUTE!

Thanks Lisel!

OMG that is so super cute!!!!!

Thank you smiley

Thanks girls!

LOVE those papers! Thanks smiley

Thanks Jen!

I have a new tiny kit in my blog:

I have a new freebie for you:

Thank you for the nice kits!

Thank you, very cute!

Thanks girls, I hope you have fun! smiley