FREEBIES CU/PU/S4H/S4O: DigiDesignWorks (DDW)

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Lovely papers. Thank you for sharing them.

I love your film frames..they are awesome.... Love your papers too

I have a freebie add on to the original Retro Kitchen blog -


You can download it from my blog here.

Oh wow...gorgeous colors!! Love your work! smiley

Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

Date: Feb 7, 2013

Here is a final freebie for the Retro Kitchen theme. Hope that there is something in the additional mini kit that you can use. It is available at my blog, and is under the Good Karma TOU:


Sunny! You are doing a TERRIFIC job! Your work is so creative and beautiful!! Are you still working on Hummie's tuts?

@Sharon, yes, I am still working through various tutorials, at Hummies World. I enjoy the challenges and learning new ways of doing things. I completed the Designer series, and now I am working through her normal tutorials via a monthly subscription. I don't know if I will ever find my groove or niche - but I keep exploring my potential. Thanks for asking!

New Lace Freebie is up, and can be downloaded from my box account, here.

Thank you Jenn Johnson, for showing me how to make lace with your cool tutorial.


Thanks Sunny smiley the butterflies

beautiful sunny! please forgive my non-caps typing, my cat has her paws wrapped around my neck and is blocking my keyboard view. smiley
absolutely adorable the lace, i know exactly the lay-out for it. We just gained a sweet gorgeous brand new granddaughter and baby girls and lace belong together smiley

@Christine, I´d like to see this layout later smiley

Thanks so much for the gorgeous lace!!

Wow, thanks Sunny!

So many commercial use freebies, Thank you so much!

great job sunny

Thank you, beautiful lace!

Love the edges... thanks!

So many nice things! I love the chains, I'm headed to your blog to hunt those down!

Your designs are lovely! Thanks so much for sharing! What is the "Good Karma TOU"?

love the caps pattern fab designs x

Thank you Faith for the beautiful lace~ I love your TOU. Very sweet!

Thank you, these are fantastic.

love them all great thanks. smiley

You do wonderful things thanks!!

Great work!

@Sunny this is awesome Thanks

I had gotten a Grunge overlay from you in the past. It says Hummies Lessons_grunge-paper template 12 I must have got it when you had done the lesson. And giving it away. I am wondering if it is CU? I would be so thankful it was, I spent all day yesterday playing with it. ( and have a nice background paper) Thanks Judy

Did you make this with Sugarbutt's template? I have the stuff but haven't learned yet. Have been putting it off. Looks like I need to learn this beautiful technique.

Love the blended papers. Thank you!