FREEBIES PU/S4H: Five Seventeen Digital Designs

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FREEBIES PU/S4H: Five Seventeen Digital Designs

Here is my very first freebie! Come on over to my blog post to get it for yourself. And feel free to pass my blog link along to others.

Looks good!

Thanks, Marisa! And thanks for providing so many awesome commercial use templates. As you probably noticed, I used a few of yours in my kit. BTW, are there requirements for crediting you and the other designers from here when we make things using your commercial use items? I haven't seen anything, but I probably haven't looked everywhere where that kind of info might be. Thanks again!

hi thanks. smiley

thank u. smiley

Nice color palette

wooow nice kit

Cute kit! Thanks for sharing.




Thank you for the lovely kit

I love your design and I especially love your picture of you and your new husband. Stay happy always and thanks for the freebie!

Thank you!

Thank you--I really love this (no pun intended!)