FREEBIES PU: Jessica art-design

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FREEBIES PU: Jessica art-design

I have a new freebie on my blog as a part of a collab with Just Saskia and Nicole's scraps,
there are more older freebies too

Candied Red

HI THANK U. smiley

Cute prints! smiley Thank you Jessica for sharing these. smiley

thank you girls

A new freebie collab by me and my friends Just Saskia and Nicole's scrap

Fresh moments:

because I recieved 700 likes at my facebookpage, I made a new kit which you can find at my blog

Scraps by Jessica art-design

the kits are very nice!! i love the colors!!

a new freebie called 'glamorous'

on my blog

I love the purple color pallette!

Love the colors!

Love those purples and greys... such a striking color combination! Thank you for sharing the kit looks beautiful!


Thank you very much! This file will be awesome for the 4th of July!!

Thanks so much...great colors!

Thank you! Very nice!

Such lovely kits, thanks for sharing.

I love this - it's a great kit for my 4th of July pics. thank you

Hoi Jessica, Leuke kleuren!

(Hi Jessica, nice colors -> translation smiley )

I don't know how I've never come across your beautiful designs before but thank you!

I love this kit! Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing !

Thank you, Jessica! I was on your! Your kits are super-awesome!!!