FREEBIES PU: MisplacedMermaid

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FREEBIES PU: MisplacedMermaid

Talk to the Animals Stamps Add On
I made a free add on digital collage sheet of stamps and it's available at my blog

Super cute stamps!

hi so cute thank u. smiley

You do wonderful things thanks

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you like them.

Very sweet. Thank you!

I made 6 papers for a color challenge.

Get them on my blog here

This is from the Fibromyalgia Blog Train

Get them on my blog here.

Beautiful kits. Thank you.

I posted a free Mermaid Kit on my blog. You can get it here.

The link to the papers has been fixed.

Sure is pretty. Thank you Sweetie

Beautiful colors

I love the pretty colors too! Thank you for sharing!

So cute! Thanks.

I'm so glad I can share with you. I love the sharing that goes on here.

I made a kit for the July colour challenge at Scrap Matters. You can download it on my blog here.

It sure is pretty

Really gorgeous kit.

hi love them thank u so much smiley .

I made some free PU Christmas Critters Tags that you can download on my blog here.

Super cute!

Love the cat tag, Lou Anne! smiley

Cute kits! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Lou Anne, your kits are some of my very favorites. The colors are always so beautiful & the designs are so unique!

As for the papers on the Free Mermaid Kit above, I saw in the comments others couldn't access them either. I don't use any of the publishing IDs, so here is the error I get when going to the link:

Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.
Make sure that you have the correct URL and that the owner of the file hasn't deleted it.


The Talk to The Animals stamps are so cute!!

Dear Lou Anne, the Christmas tags, reminded me of the Russian illustrated books I read as a child....

I think I can make a nice card for my christian friends this year.

Thank you so much

I'm new so coming to this post a bit late, but had to say thank you for all the great freebies I've just downloaded! I love the winter critters too.

Absolutely stunning. Thank you!

Thank you ever so much for sharing smiley Loving your site and have you bookmarked. xx

I LOVEEEE THESE STAMPS! I'm currently trying to make vintage envelopes and you helped! Thanks for sharing! smiley