FREEBIES CU/CU4CU/PU/S4H: Mollie Saves the Day!

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FREEBIES CU/CU4CU/PU/S4H: Mollie Saves the Day!

Okey dokey... my FIRST paper kit is now on my blog and I am SUPER excited!
I had some troubles getting the file sizes down on the papers, so if anyone has any problems with them, please let me know! smiley

I was working on papers for the upcoming blog train here and got really carried away and inspired and ran down a few rabbit holes, and voila! - I ended up making about 60 papers, including this paper kit! (this kit comes with 12 papers, btw.)

AAAAAANNNNNND, HERE is the link to my blog, where you can download them. smiley

Love the colors. Thank you

hi thank u love them. smiley

Aaaaaannnnndddd, here's another paper kit that was born of working on next month's blog train... smiley

The post is on my blog HERE.

Beautiful papers. Thank you.

Thank you for downloading and for the feedback! I'm glad you like them, and I hope that my stuff works well for you. smiley

It only took me nine months, but I promised some papers for the August blog train "At The Beach", and I keep my promises... with interest! smiley

They're all available (plus some not shown in Bonus Papers 1) on my blog, HERE!

I love all these papers ! Merci pour le partage (thanks for sharing !) smiley

Mollie, your At The Beach papers are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much!

Son maravillosos!
Gracias por compartir!

Ah... let's see... merci beaucoup, je t'en prie... and... gracias, con mucho gusto (?) smiley
Thank you very much for your words of praise! It was a great pleasure to make them, and an even greater pleasure to share them. My greatest hope is always that you'll get much enjoyment from them!!

Wow love those papers!!

Thank you these are great papers. smiley

Love your papers Mollie! They are so unique and beautiful. Sadly, I am not able access 4shared from India. smiley Is there a possibility to download these from some other storage site. Please do let me know.

Thanks! smiley

My apologies on the difficult download, and thanks for letting me know!

All the previous files (with the exception of the Dark Night Alpha) have been re-packaged as .ZIP files and are now hosted on my Google Drive. I am hoping that this will make things easier, and I will provide any future items this was as well.

As for the Dark Night Alpha, I will be re-releasing it [hopefully] in the next couple of days. The original is not sized appropriately for 300dpi and thus bothers the heck out of me. So, I hope to fix it. It will still be a PU-only item, though, because I do not have commercial-use rights to the font. smiley

(and thanks for the kind words!)

so so many gorgeous beautiful sets ~Thank you so much

Thank you so much Mollie for your prompt response. I have downloaded all the papers now and I absolutely love them. Honestly, I haven't come across anything remotely similar .. in all of my stash of digital goodies. You are, indeed, very creative! smiley

Thanks again for all your effort. Really appreciate it! smiley

Tahnk you so much for those adorable collection

thank you so much

Thank you, love the papers smiley And thanks for making them cu4cu!

Oh wow, you have some cool papers there!

Love the colour!

Amazing work!

Thanks do much for the cool papers

These are really nice. THanks so much

Beautiful papers! Thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you for the lovely papers. You do a real good job!!

So many pretty papers! Thank you so much, and I'm ever so glad that the one's I found that I adore are still available!!


Beautiful papers! Thanks!

So, while working on the Dec blog train, this happened...

Available on my blog now, and forever after. smiley