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@Heather You are so welcome!

This is really great Molly. Thanks to you. I am downloading it now smiley

Thank you, Molly.


Thanks Molly for your portion of the STS train. I love it! adorable... smiley

Hi Molly!
I'm new here and i just saw your "April Showers" freebie and i'm totally in love with that cloud paper. But I can't figure out how to download it - when I click on "Exclusive Deals" on your Fb page I don't see any download links. Can you please help me? Thanks! smiley

@Dee: Welcome to PS!!! We're glad to have you.

When you go to her FB page and click on the Exclusive tab. Make sure you've liked her page on FB first. Then you will see the photo of the kit as it looks here. Then, I just clicked on her photo and the download link eventually loaded mediafire for me and I clicked on the green rectangle for the download link. If that doesn't work come back and let Molly know and I'm sure she can help you out. smiley

@Shawna- thanks for helping with that! smiley

I have a new Facebook freebie to coordinate with my newly released Indy 500 Bundle:

You do wonderful things thanks

Thanks Patricia... so sweet of you!


Thanks for all of the freebies.

I love all things Hawaiian... Nice looking timeline!

you have very different kits and i like that! that's what is so neat about just seeing what people have come up with everyone has a different style.. i am so new to this that i am trying to find my style. BUt i really like your kits! smiley

Thanks for the goodies.

i love the timeline cover! lol smiley

very nice

So I got rid of old links today and decided I needed to put up another freebie. I am too late for the blog train so I am posting my contribution here instead... These are 3x4 journal cards... hope you enjoy!