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Here are my freebies. You shall find no TOU in my downloads.
All are for Commercial Use. smiley That means you can do with it what you want. I always appreciate to see what you've done with it.
*update* My freebies are now only available on my blog, just click on the images to download. Don't forget to leave a little love.

Wow! These are awesome! Thank you so much for posting smiley

Thanks mrs. Egers!

these are lovely kits smiley

Wonderful papers smiley

Lovely. Thank you

Love the spring colors in the Birds and The Bees kit.

Thank you so much for these great resources.

these are awesome, thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful assortment of kits, Nadia. I like your work a lot.

Thank you, Nadia!

You are such an inspiration to me. You should be a designer!!

Wow! Great resources girl. smiley

Very nice colors and various themes. Thanks for sharing!

These are beautiful, thank you!

Thank you smiley Great Job, I love the Alice themed ones smiley

Great looking kits. I was amazed to come across these. Thank you.

Yay more!! I really love the color combo's on the Best is Yet to Come. Thank YOU!

Absolutely beautiful, thank-you so much for sharing them! Huge fan now smiley