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these are awesome, thank you! smiley

Beautiful minikits! Thank you so much!

Download at my new blog:

Love the pig and flamingo elements! Thanks so much for sharing!

I went a little crazy and downloaded everything at once, and now I feel like a kid at Sinterklaas... opening up kits to see whats in there. I love all of them! Thank you Nadia for sharing. And I am definitely a fan smiley

Random question, do you live in Noord-Brabant? You look very familiar... I live in the Eindhoven area smiley

These are absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, my tablet (which I'm on at the moment) does NOT like Mediafire at all, so I can't download anything until I get back on my desktop computer smiley

@Marieke: thanks!! Yes I do. smiley

Thank you for sharing your beautiful kits, Nadia. One of the other replies said you should be a designer, but you are ALREADY a designer - and a VERY talented one at that! They are ALL lovely, but you have shown a real creativity in your Alice in Wonderland kits, and your Thankful Extra Papers are absolutely stunning. And now I'm off to download everything you have posted! Thank you again for your generosity.
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

@Robyn: That is so sweet!! You made my day, I am smilling now!

thank you very much

These are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Wow, these are awesome. You do amazing work. Thank you so much

Thank you so very much!!! smiley

Thank you so much

So pretty! I love the the color combo! Thanks for sharing!

You are incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing with us.

Download on my blog:

Thanks for the contribution to the train. I love the glitter hearts!

thank you so much for sharing these. as a newby I am collecting things that will go together and these colours are perfect.

Download at my blog:

These are really inspiring! I'm also a newbie and really appreciate the sharing - you make great kits!

brill thank you for this nadia

Download at my blog:

Love the theme, great kit, thank you!

Awesome kits! Thank you so much!

These are great! Thanks for sharing!

My Daughter in Love (Law)'s name is Nadya and these are her colours. When I am finished my current albums I will use this to do one of her. thank you.

I am going to add this to my wedding collection