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Beautiful, Thanks

Wow, these are all amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! You are awesome!! smiley smiley

Great kit- thank you for sharing!

Love Love Love you items!! Thank you so much! I plan on using them for my etsy store!

Great kits, thanks for sharing

Hi Nadia

What fabulous kits you have shared with us!

I am definitely feeling like a kid in a candy shop and I have downloaded all of your kits here and all of the kits on your website as well lol!

You are a fabulously good designer and I am now hooked cannot wait to see what you will tempt us with next.

I am looking forward to doing something soon with all of your alice in wonderland kits.

many thanks


Hi Nadia. Thanks again for the Alice in Wonderland related kits. I have made some beautiful layouts with them already. My daughter has decided she wants an Alice in Wonderland themed 21st - so I will be able to make her a whole scrapbook of them. Do you by any chance have the colour palettes you used? Thanks so much!

Nadia, your generousity is ama\ing and your talent and creativity moreso. Heartfelt thanks for these beautiful kits. Truly remarkable.

@Anita: no I don't have a color palette. I did the picking of the colors with my color pipette from some stills of the movie. Hope that is useful to you?

Thanks everyone for all of your comments! smiley

Thanks so much for these! They are great.

Thank you for sharing! these are great!!

Fabulous - thank you!!

Considering my daughter's middle name is Alice, thank you for the Wonderland kits!

Love these. Thanks smiley

Yea... you have added even more wonderful sets! Love them all!

Thanks again, Liz smiley

Какая красота!!! Сколько много великолепный комплектов!!! Молодчина !!! Большое спасибо за твои чудесные подарки !!!

Чудесные наборы ! Очень интересные элементы и красивые бумаги ! Большое спасибо !

hi love them all. smiley

beautiful thanks for sharing smiley

Thank you so much for all the wonderful kits ~its like Christmas

Thank you so much! Love all your kits! smiley

Thanks so much for your absolutely fabulous kits, so imaginative, they will enhance any occasion.

Love the Alice in Wonderland series .... I'm an Alice fan as well smiley

WOW! YOur kits are AMAZING! The papers and elements are so detailed and I love that grunge you've got goin' on!! I am soooo happy I found this site a few days ago. My pages are going to look fabulous thanks to you! Heading to your blog NOW! Thanks for making these for all of us. Your talents (and time) are appreciated.

THANK you, thank you, thank you! I especially LOOOVE the Alice in wonderland things!!!

Love the Alice sets, thank you smiley

my what a lovely collection! Thank you so much! smiley

Wow- I am very thankful for the Thankful.

Oh, wow!! Thanks everybody for all of your lovely comments. I didn't had much time for PS lately because I am currently working towards an exam but all of your comments are overwelming. Thank you! As soon as I have time again I will make more free stuff! smiley

Love the Indian kit ESPECIALLY THANKS