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Great kits!!! Love the Alice in Wonderland smiley

You can find it on my blog! By the way this one is for personal use only, because I don't want people to sell my artwork. But you can play with it! smiley

Thank you so much for these adorable mini kits!

Really cute! Thanks!

These are such great kits. I just recently downloaded the White and the Red Queen kits. Thank you Nadia, keep it up!

Thanks Nadia! I love these smiley

Thanks, Nadia!

On my blog:

On my blog:

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work!
hugs from the south of portugal smiley

TYVM for sharing your artwork, fantastic and adorable kits, specially the collection of Alice. Love it.

Great kits! Thank you for sharing your arts.

Available at my blog!

Thanks Nadia! I love the Alice in Wonderland Kit.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful kits Nadia! Love them. smiley

Oh my...these blues are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing:)

Awww..was just looking for something like adorable! Thank you smiley

Thank you so much. These are great smiley

Thank you for the wonderful kits!

thankyou. great kits

Chiming in with the massive love for the Alice kits! Pretty much anything Alice or Tea Party related, I'm totally there!

These are incredibly beautiful and I intend to use a lot of the Alice stuff for my Madeline Hatter room box... And when I can get my hands on her, my Lizzie Heart room box, too! And probably some of their scrapbook pages, when I get around to them...

I've found you here too and got to download some of the stuff not on the new blog. Once again, thank you so much for your incredible generosity Nadia.

Thank you! It's beautiful

Really lovely kits - thank you SO much!

All your freebies are wonderful! Thank you!

What beautiful work you do! Thank you for sharing your lovely designs!

It's beautiful. Thanks

Thanks these are AWESOME!!

Thank you very much for all your great kits.

Cute kits...thanks!!!