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FREEBIES PU: NicolesScraps

Together with my friends Saskia and Jessica we make collabs....
This was my part of the Collab "Candied Red"

You can download it on my blog:

May Element a day, first week

You can download it on my blog
Scrapkit "WoodenHues"


With Saskia and Jessica, we made a new Collab
This is my part

you can download it from my blog:

hank you so much! smiley

I found your freebies a few weeks ago by accident (I'm not even sure how I found my way to your blog) but i didn't know it was you... I really like the collab kits you've been doing with Saskia and Jessica... for the 'fresh moments' kit you made I like those cute little butterflies... they're very whimsical and well for lack of a better word, very nice kit, thank you for sharing!

I love how bright and fun your newest kit is! Your smile flowers are just too cute! All of your kits have such a great range of fun embellishments and great palettes. Thanks for sharing!

love this, its really cute! Good job!

Really nice kits, thank you.

such a cute kit!!!