FREEBIES CU/PU/S4H/S4O: Anita Phillips

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Hi Sera
I shall do that. I am happy for people to use in any way they see fit! So PU or CU is perfectly OK.

Hi Anita! Thanks for your part of the Feb Blog Train! I've been looking forward to your portions smiley (not that I had any time to scrap with any of the Feb blog train yet, still on my To-Do list!) smiley

Anita, I can mark your items all as CU if I want to use them? (with credit of course)? smiley I make sure to make notes of stuff that's CU OK and stuff that is not. Thank you!

Thank you

Hi France
You most certainly can! I am happy for people to use them anyway they want. It is just nice to know that people may actually want to use some of my things!

Thanks Anita!!! smiley

Love it. Thank you so much.

Thanks for sharing. You have some really cool things!