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I'd like to offer everyone free digital elements {usually 1 or 2x weekly, if life doesn't interrupt} from

The License or Terms of Use for each download are included in the .zip or .tar file for that particular artwork. This will signify whether the artwork can be used for personal or commercial use.
Because there are both PU and CU items on my site, please refer to each individual TOU or Terms of Use document included inside every download. If you still have questions about the use of a particular download, don't hesitate to contact me through my contact page. I will be happy to clarify anything for you.
All artwork is created with printing in mind, so all digital elements print out at 300 dpi. I have many brushes and other elements for you to use in your layouts. Everything is created in Photoshop, Illustrator, or scanned at 300 dpi. There are .abr Brushes, PNGs and jpegs. I add new things often so check here or on my website for the latest-or you can sign up for an e-mail notice! I hope you enjoy these resources. Make something marvelous!


May 2015 Blog Train Freebbie:

March 2015 Blog Train Freebbie:

February 2015 Blog Train "Rustic"

February sentiments on cute metallic plaques[/url] for you smiley
(the ABBREVIATION List for the texting on the plates are on the download page)

November's Blog Train Offering- OUR HOUSE picket fence papers

September 2014 Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Vintage “AT THE FAIR” Flair Buttons PNG for July-2014-Pixel Scrapper Blog Train

Chroma-Crazy Paper Coordinates to MAY blog train FLAIR buttons

June Blog Train

May Blog Train:

April Blog Train:

First Day of Spring! March 20, 2014--Here are some Vintage "chicky" stamps you can use for Spring or Easter. Hope you enjoy them!

March Blog Hop:

January Blog Hop:

Hi Everyone! My last Starbucks-inspired Holiday brush. These are "edgers" you can use to stamp and decorate your photos, papers, anything you may layer with--or whatever you can imagine! There's two sizes--a large 3600 px and a smaller 2500 px so that everyone can load them into thier own versions of Photoshop or Gimp. Have fun!!!

Here's my part of the Pixelscrapper December Blog Train.
There's a green paper that I forgot to add to the preview and some linen texture on the papers that may not be evident in the pic. Have fun!

Holiday Brush (Photoshop & Gimp) and PNG (Starbucks-inspired smiley )
A Big brush at 3500px and a PNG that fits a 12 x 12 page (and can be down-sized as needed,) for your holiday pages, cards, and projects. Hope you can use it!

Neutral Paper Pack for November Blog Hop "Vintage"

Photoshop or Gimp Autumn Brush in French and English:

Pretty Fall Leaves for them in your editing program...

October 15, 2013 {These papers are for Personal Use, please} smiley
Pretty Papers! Can we ever have enough? These are watercolor-ish in soft pastels---looks like I inadvertently touched on the palette for the November Blog Hop too!

October Blog Hop!

9/5 Something for Baby!

For your Travel pages: Vintage-y TRAVEL Words License Plates!

Just For Fun! Vector Speech Bubbles...

Stars and Stripes:Layered, Torn and Textured!

Summer Colors: "Ocean" Textured Paper:


Photoshop and GIMP Arrow Brushes! Funky, and lots of fun! Happy Stamping!

Clipping Mask fun! This is a .png so it can be used in any image-editing program. Have fun!

Ahhhhh-Choo! Spring is in the air, and so are some pretty things we can use as brushes! Here are several, and a couple are HUGE so sorry about that, but just resize and STAMP those allergies away!

COLOR! Sometimes you just need some in your projects! So here's some funky, retro, fun paper for you to build on...and a bug's in there too!

Spring is in the air and as a result I'm stuck on color lately, so here's a "word art" (a nice "someone" corrected me from using a graphic design term,) for your layouts. I've got a "Flower Power!" banner I'll post here in a bit that would coordinate with this, and I'm working on some paper and other "word art" as well.

Here's a BRUSH for you to color yourself:

Hi everyone!
Spring is in the air and as a result I'm stuck on color lately, so here's a "word art" (a nice "someone" corrected me from using a graphic design term,) for your layouts. I've got a "Flower Power!" banner I'll post here in a bit that would coordinate with this, and I'm working on some paper and other "word art" as well.

Here's the banner:

Hi everybody!
I was working on something for myself and would like to share a clipping mask with you. If you've never used one before, I believe Marisa has a video that will help you. There are also simple instructions on the download page at Have fun with this!

Hello Everyone!
I have a Photoshop Text Frame Brush and PNGs for you! The brush is easy to use or you can take a PNG and drag it above your photo on a layer of it's own, then use the polygon lasso tool to bring it all together.

Happy Easter Everyone! To Celebrate this special time, I made some (postal-type) stamps and a Brush for us to use to decorate our digital and paper projects. There are 6 stamps and one .abr brush. Three stamps have text, and three do not so that you can apply your own sentiments. I hope you like them and will share them with your friends!

Hi All,
I have a nice Fan Freebie for you today--something I could never find when I started into digital art--It's a 12 pack of White, Curled-Edged Paper Photo Frames. There are all kinds of sizes in tall and wide and they are PNG files at 300 ppi, so hi-res and printable. Hope you like them and if you know of anyone who is just starting to scrap, send them over to the site for these. The frames are a foundational element for any kind of digital art dealing with photos--and they're free. I'll be making different kinds of frames in the future so that we have a good selection to create with. Hope you like them!

Hello Everyone! Here's a banner you can stream across your paper projects and add a little cheer! Hope you like it! I'll be posting another in pinks and peaches soon too!

Hi Everyone! I have a new item-a QUICK PAGE that you can download and drop a picture into. It is a PNG file, with a Spring-themed layout. It's about 8x8, so you can place it in front of some pretty paper. I hope you like it! Please share the link with friends smiley

Burlap and Lace Stacked Journaling Frames in a .PNG file to use anyway you choose. Make something special!

Photoshop Journaling Brushes and Stamps + PNG files: Recolorable and Rotatable
These photoshop journal brushes can be used to create a special writing area on your digital projects. There is one .abr stamping brush and 6 .png files for you to work with. The brushes are recolorable, rotatable and resizeable to give you many ways in which to use these. The style of the photoshop journal brushes looks like handwriting so that coupled with your own, will add a personal touch to your journaled memories.
Hope you like them. There are more journaling freebies here: and here:

We can't have enough Vintage Postcards and Stamps, so here's a couple more! If you need more stamps, I've got some here: Vintage Postage Stamps Set 1

Layered Fun...
Individual PNG files. Another “sandbox” item (just playin’ around…) I saw some similar chat bubbles and decided to try making some myself. Inject thoughts or emotions in a fun and funky retro-vintage-looking way. Have fun with these and say something “out loud!”

"Stitched Together" Paper Hearts-Free Download
Vintage Valentine Images Clipart Heart Paper Chain. Valentine Paper Hearts strung up and stitched together for you. This PNG can be layered on top of your work for a Valentine Card or Project—or for any project that calls for hearts or "Love"- Have fun!

Lace Doily Brush and PNG Clipart
The brush is an .abr brush for photoshop (and I've been told you can use it in Gimp as well.) There is a matching high resolution PNG of the Lace Doily too. Both are made at 300 ppi and can be printed. Enjoy!

These are High-Resolution 300ppi/300dpi, large glittery BRUSHES and words (the brushes are big so you can print from them and the words are tranparent .gif files. There are 2 sets--I Hope you enjoy them!

Valentine's Day is approaching, so I thought I'd make some more heart brushes. These and about 6" wide and will work with Photoshop (any version, PS elements, and Gimp.) I hope you all have fun with them. Hint:If you stamp them on different layers (same heart, same size, same location) and in different colors, you can use the eraser on the different layers in different places and have a multi-colored winged heart!

Free Vintage Definition Hearts for your Valentine layouts (or others!)...Hi Res (I think they are about 3"x3" or so...



1/15/13 Freebie: Recolorable Free Photoshop Valentine Photoshop Brushes and PNG Image {Hearts and Glitter}
No.1 in this series: Valentine Brushes in 3 sizes from Large to small along with a Glittered PNG Image for your Valentine Projects! Have fun Creating!

1/10/13 Freebie: Free Download Winter Brushes Photoshop with original PNGs {“Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”}

Brrrrr…”Baby, it’s cold outside!” Have fun with these high res, icy photoshop brushes in two formats, line and block style, AND their PNG originals with chilly blue inner glows.

New Year Freebie for 2013: Photoshop Vector Brushes-Date Stamps:! I can't believe how many beautiful resources you put up on your blog! I fell instantly in love with your designs. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much...I love your style. The winter brushes are stunning!

Wow, gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these!

thank u so much for sharing, they are gorgeous smiley

love love love your stuff - and love your terms, makes life easy! thanks so much!

Thank you, Melouise. What a kind comment! Thank you so much! I hope you can use something. smiley

Wow - pretty stuff, Linda! smiley I've bookmarked your site so I can go back & look again (not much time to look tonight, but took a peak & was impressed!).

So nice of you to say that, Jennifer! Thank you! I Hope you can use something smiley

Thank you Lizanne! I hope you can use something. smiley

Hi Tina,
I wanted to make the terms of use easy. I'm glad you noticed. I mix my resources up and it takes a lot of time to sort through which I can use and on what terms. Honestly, Marisa's terms inspired me. So refreshing!

Thank you, Mandy! Everyone's comments are so kind here. I've found that many people download but few comment. It's really nice to hear such kind feedback.

Thankyou so much. I absolutely loved the vintage postage stamps. I can't wait to use them on my next layout

Thank you for sharing. I love your items.

Thanks Linda!!! I grabbed a couple lovely vintage stamp sets and couple snowflake brushes. TYSVM for your generous gifts! smiley

Linda, wow what wonderful designs you have created. Thanks so much for your generosity!

WOW love thanks so much for sharing..

Thank's linda, I love the design especially for the all vintage paper tag.

WOW!! thank you so much for all the fantastic goodies! You're so kind to share with us!

I was going to scan my scrabble pieces. You saved me lots of time. I like the way that you offer the psd file so I can just drag the letter I want to the page I'm working on if I'm using PSE. And you offer it as a gif if I'm using PhotoImpact. Thank you.

Hi Engela! I'm glad the dual formats work for you. I try to put myself in everyone else's shoes (if time allows,) and decided a PSD and a gif would be easier to work with. I learned so much making those scrabble pieces--it was really the first "freebie" I decided to start the site with. I used the scrabble game I had as a girl, so the pieces are truly "vintage." smiley
Thank you for sharing what works for you and why. It helps me to design smarter by making things usable for more people. Have fun with them!

Wow, thank you, your items are beautiful!

Violet, Amy, Jenn, Shawna, Betsy, Michelle, Samantha, Lila, Nancy...
This is the nicest community of people and I have to say---it starts at the top as it always does, right? Marisa's generosity and openness to let us all share with each other has been such an inspiration. I offer my things to anyone out there on the Internet, but it's so comfy here at Pixelscrapper!!! You all have FACES and say the nicest things! Your encouragement and kind comments have made my day! I have not been able to comfortably stand at an easel for over 5 years, and creating art digitally has really saved me. To hear that you like it and can use it is a double-blessing. Thank you Marisa, for letting us all share with each other!

Thank you for sharing Linda. I am new here and I really could not believe that such beautiful brushes were free. I will use them to be sure.

Marcia smiley

Thank you for sharing the lovely resources.

Love your stuff - very well designed and so uniquely different. Thank you so much for sharing!

Your snowflake brushes are pretty, I'm looking forward to trying them out. Thanks for sharing smiley


Hey Linda! I tried to make a comment on the site, but I can´t. It redirects me to a PayPal message saying that I haven´t furfilled all the required stuff, when I did it.

Well, I´m comenting here: I loved your freebies, thank you so much smiley

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments Marcia, Lou Anne, Alison, Sunny, Lorien (I'll check on that.) Enjoy everything and make something nice!

@Linda Thank you so much! I love your site and have bookmarked it! I must say also that I blame you (LOL) now because it was all your great PS freebies that has "caused" me to dive in and buy Photoshop CS6! It will come next week! I have PSE10 on my computer now and already bought PSE11 but didn't load it! Either way I was just finding too many things that you could do in PS vice PSE. Thanks again for your web site and all you do!

Hi Janet! CS6 has some nice features that I have only explored ever so slightly. I am loving the tip of the iceberg, though. I went from CS to CS6, so my head is still spinning smiley I loved your comments so much, Janet. Thank you for taking the time. So glad you like the freebies!