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I love these Linda - very useful! Thanks so much!

@Linda: Lovely 2013 brushes!!! You are 'da bomb!!! smiley

I love your freebies smiley Thank you so much for sharing your work, it's amazing smiley

I love this. TYFS!

Thank you so much for generously sharing your designs with us!

@Linda: absolutely love love love the new Polaroid frames!!! smiley I'd love to have other holiday themes, too. smiley

Scrabble tiles are marvelous, thank you! I hunted around for a long time looking for a scrabble alpha, and these are the nicest I've seen!

What gorgeous designs! I especially love the 2013 stamps. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work. smiley

Thank you so much! These are really neat!! I especially love the Silent Night one ... So gorgeous!!!

These are seriously cool! Thanks very much for sharing. Now I just need to learn how to use them. lol

Tina, Shawna, Jessica, Jenn, Reba, Violet, Janet, Angela, Heidi: You all are very welcome! I'm so glad you can use what I'm making. Thank you for the feedback. I have some more Valentine goodies coming your way too. Hope you all can use and will share them with others. smiley

o. m. gosh!!! i absolutely love those adorable definition hearts you shared today, so presh! smiley

Those definition hearts are so cute, Linda! tyvm!

I'm glad you like the definition hearts, Shawna and Lizanne!

Thank you so much for the freebies! Some are perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day pages, too!

Thanks for both the winged brushes and the inseparable brush! Love your stuff!!! smiley

How beautiful! Thank you for your generosity. smiley

Hi Tracey, Shawna and Sharon,
Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement. I'm glad you've found things you can use! I've got more Valentine's goodies coming up. Christmas and Valentine's Day are my favorite Holidays to create art for. They are so colorful, happy and the meaning behind those Holidays inspire me. I just never seem to have as much time to actually make the things that float around in my head, but I have fun trying! smiley

Thanks for sharing your talent so generously.

thanks so much for sharing! i love these!!

These are very cute!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Fantastic as always Linda!!! TYSVM for your generous gifts. smiley

Aw. Thank you for saying that, Harriett. I'm really trying. Thank you Elizabeth, Natasha and Shawna! I'm so glad you like them smiley

Wow! There is so beautiful thing... I just started to do digital scrapbooking but I think I'll love it with all the nice stuff I found on that site smiley

Love your designs!

As always, perfect items to add to my collection! smiley TYSVM Linda!

Hi Ladies! (Nancy, Lizzie, Shawna)
I'm so glad you're finding things to help you with your scrapbooking. That makes me happy. Thank you for your comments--it's so nice to find them here! (Shawna, you always say "TYSVM"---you are a sweet person and you always make me smile smiley)

Many thanks Linda for sharing! I really in love with your heart strings and also the vintage hearts! Actually i just starting to play with digi scrapbooking... and sometimes it's make me feel guilty I only able to download and not able to share.... Hmmm... maybe this is just a silly question for all of you here... I was really curious on how did they make those cute elements and also those beautiful papers? Did they do scanning? because it's look so real... Forgive me for this stupid question T.T

You're welcome, Scarlett. As for me, I use Photoshop and Illustrator (software programs) to create a lot of things I make. I use the scanner sometimes too. If you watch some of Marissa's tutorials (under "Tutorials" at the top of the page,) you can follow along and get a better understanding of how digital elements are made and used--and by looking in the "Gallery" (top of the page also,) you can get ideas for your own page layouts and color combinations. Have fun!

Thanks for your info smiley as soon as I get a better knowledge and able to make elements and papers I think I wanna make Indonesian beautiful Batik as theme for the kits smiley hopefully >.<