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Really cool designs!
Thanks a million.


Hi Linda, I'm a newbie to Digital Scrapbooking, PSE and Pixelscrapper and have just come across this topic on the forum. Your website and blog are amazing! Your digital leafs remind me of Switzerland where I've grown up. Thank you for being so generous by sharing your creativity. I hope that someday I will be able to put up my own blog and share my creations. Still a long way to go... lol. smiley
Big hug from Spain.

You have a new fan and a new subscriber! I love everything! If my hard drive wasn't nearly full, I'd have grabbed it all, lol! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

thank you so much, love your style!

So cute. TYFS

Beautiful! My favorites are the Lace Doily Brush and the Vintage Definition Hearts. Thank you smiley

You have so much talent! The items that you posted look so pretty! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Jasmine, what a nice comment! How beautiful it must have been to live in Switzerland! I'm so glad you've found some things on my site that you can use. Enjoy them and make something memorable (thank you for a hug all the way from SPAIN! Wonderful!)

Hi Heather! Thank you for subscribing! It just makes things easier when they come to our inbox...If you forget to check here, you have the link there. And, I am with you regarding the hard drive space. I just got a 750GB external drive and I know it won't take me long to fill up! Image files are drive-piggies smiley

Emelyn, Jenn, Gundi and Sharon, thank you for your kind comments! These are compliments that I soak up and need from time to time, their affects on me are the same as enjoying a nice piece of Godiva chocolate! (maybe even better!) Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think. (Gundi, I'll be posting more lace soon--glad you like the definition hearts!)

Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies!

This is one of my new favorite many cute things...well all of them really! Thanks so much for all you do on this site Linda!!

Great looking stuff! Thanks for all the freebies!

Thank you for sharing them, I love them

Cute amd pretty designs, do you have any for commercial use?

Dear Linda, thank you for sharing your works. smiley smiley They are so beautiful and I am so inspired by them! I need to muster enough courage to explore the brushes though... For a newbie, the features in photoshop can be so daunting!

hello, Linda! i just wanted to thank you for your generous freebies. your designs are wonderful!

Hello, Kicksmom, Lana, Liz, Nicole, Beverly, Fiona, and Peggy:
Thank you for all of your encouraging and kind comments. I'm so glad you like what you are finding at Lana, thanks for leaving me so many nice comments on the site, they make me smile! You all are so kind for taking a moment to say "thanks." It really makes my day. Beverly, as far as Commercial Use, look inside the download and you'll find the Terms of Use (TOC,) or go to this page and you'll find my terms: . I've tried to make the terms for the free things really easy, and easy to understand. If you have further questions, just email me at [email protected] I'm glad to answer them. I'd like everyone to think of my stuff as a base file--just build on the file, change it to make it YOURS, and that's really what's at the heart of the terms. So far it's been great not to see anyone take something and sell it as it is...
Beverly, I know how daunting Photoshop can seem, especially when you are new to it. I started using Photoshop Elements years ago because I was overwhelmed with the full version. Now I love all of the more complex features of CS6. Learning just takes time. Be patient with yourself and be happy with your small achievements. One day, you will look up and you'll think, WOW! I never though I'd learn how to do that! Also, check out Marisa's Tutorials-they are clear, and you can follow along with what she is doing. I feel pretty certain she'll have at least one tutorial on "Brushes." But remember the most important thing: HAVE FUN!

WOW!!! These are amazing... I'm totally blown away smiley

Best freebees ever...and so many different once. Thanks alot, I'll be back... bookmarked and memorized it all smiley I'm a frame addict and found some pretty nice paperframes...awsome.

Aww..what a nice comment! Thank you, Jennifer! Enjoy!

Love your work!! Thank you!

Hi Hanne! I'm glad you bookmarked ! When you do come back, they'll be more! I have soooo many interests--that's what all the variety is about (it's me thinking, "I want to try THIS today..," and off I go! That's why my site is currently a "sandbox" (my playground.) smiley I'm with you on the paper frames, too. It's such a necessity, and the more varieties we have, the better!

Linda, thank you so much for the Spring Stamps. They are awesome and wonderful! I have only two sites bookmarked on my PC. One of them is yours and the other one is PixelScrapper. smiley

OMG! Those are really great. TYVM for sharing.

Thank you Linda!

You are so talented! Thank you for sharing, i love the string of hearts!

I love your work! too cute... I downloaded a few of the brushes

Aw. That's so nice to hear, Jasmine! Thank you!

Hi Eileen, Beverly, Dee and Megan...
I'm so glad you like what you are finding at Thank you for your "Thank yous!" I've got some fun freebies coming, up so visit as often as you can... smiley

you are so generous!! thank you so much!