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Thanks for these date stamps!

Hi Linda!
I love your designs! I've only recently started digi-scrapping and still use an oooold version of photoshop but the more I get into it, the more I think I'm going to have to upgrade smiley
Hopefully I can start making my own kits soon and share smiley

WOW!!! thank you so much for all of these, some really great stuff here! smiley I'm especially drawn to hand-drawn (no pun intended!) stuff, so love the bracket label thingys smiley

hi thank u so much.ann

thank . smiley

thank you so much! love the vintage images, quick pages, photo frames, and I hope to be able to use the .abr brushes, I'm new to pixel scrapper and to your website. thanks for sharing. Debi smiley

Thank you and thank you! You are so very generous with your awesome talent. Even though I can't create and share like you can, you inspire me to go out in my own little world and share what I can. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful talent!

Wow!!! Awesome freebies!!! Thank you smiley

Hi Jaclyn! You are so welcome. I hope you enjoy everything!

Dee, your comment brought tears to my eyes. It went straight to my heart---thank you so much. There is beauty all around us that inspires, whether we are confined to a room or have the whole world to explore, right? If I inspired you , that makes me very, very happy.

Hi Beverly, LuAnne, Bianca, Meg, Ann, Joyce, Debi, Dee, Amy...

Thank you for your lovely comments! You all make me feel really good. I appreciate that more than I can say, really. Beverly, you always say, "thank you," Luanne, I love date stamps too! They are such fast way to add interest to what we're doing, and yet capture the "time" the photo was taken...Bianca, I'm glad you like my designs! And really, you can do SO MUCH with an older version of photoshop. I have used version CS (8) for many years and just recently upgraded to CS6 because my hubby is a teacher (discounts!) and I have not used even a fraction of what CS6 offers. Meg, I love hand-drawn things too. They add a very personal touch. Debi, I'm glad you've found things you like on my site smiley I post fairly regularly, so check back from time to time and see what you can find! Hi Amy...I'm glad you can use the freebies!

Love these - thanks!

Oh My Gosh... I spent the better part of last night drooling over all the wonderful freebies available on your site. I downloaded a bunch but I only left one comment since I didn't want to flood you... but I wanted to tell you how wonderful your stuff is... I especially like all the vintage stuff like the stamps and the Polaroid frames... some of the word art is fabulous too... I look forward to coming up with projects to do so I can use your wonderful designs. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Wow- thx!

LOVE your site!! Thank you so much.

Hi Liz, Jenn, Joni and Sarah! I'm so glad you found some things you like and can use smiley Thank you for the "thank yous!" It means a lot to me.
Sarah, what a sweet comment from you. It really made me smile (I needed that today!) My advice is to just wipe up that little puddle, download all you want and and keep recording those memories, haha smiley

wow those are great!!! thank you!! smiley smiley

O, thanks for sharing such wonderful freebies.

Thanks for everything! You're so talented!

Hi Sara, Shirley and Laura, I'm so glad you can use something! Enjoy!

Thanks for sharing with us.


Wow. Thanks for all of these awesome freebies. I love the brushes.

Your work is just amazing!!! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! You are very talented! Is your work cu or okay for s4h? Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Linda. I've visited your site before and love all the stuff you offer...for free! Especially like the brushes.

Again just beautiful work. Thank you for sharing!!

Thank you for sharing - especially love your brushes/stamps!

hi thank u love ur work. smiley

Just love the baby-kit! Thank you so much for sharing!