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thank you so much for those gifts! smiley

Thank you for sharing your freebies! ^_^

Hi Jessica, Joyce, Vanessa, Rhetta, Harriett, Steph, Mary, Lisa! Thank you for your "thank-you's!" It really does mean a lot to get those. I'm so glad you could find things on that you can use!

I love your work!! Thank you very much for the freebies! I can hardly wait to try them!

Hi Deb! I'm so glad you like them. Hope you have fun!

Those leaves are gorgeous, Linda - tyvm!

Hi, So many beautiful things. Thank you

My favorite is the "Talk to Me" Layer Paper Speech Bubbles!!! Thanks!

This is an awesome collection! I love it thank you!

You are so talented Linda, its all amazing, and I love the “Gratitude” List so much, thank you very much smiley

so glad you like them, Lizanne!

You're welcome, Wendy!

I had fun making those, Paddington. I think they're one of my favs too!

You're welcome, May! Have fun smiley

Thank you, Maddy. Such a nice comment. I appreciate it. I'm so glad you like the Gratitude PNGs and paper.

Your work ist amazing! I really like it!

WOW Linda, those are very awesome designs! thank you so much for sharing smiley

I agree. Awesome designs. Thank you for sharing. I was able to grab a couple of them. Too bad I didn't know about Pixel Scrapper sooner.

Hi Rani---what a nice comment. I hope you find lots you can use!
Hi Annu and Deanna--You are so welcome! And yes, I think Pixel Scrapper is GREAT too!

Hey Linda, thank you so much for sharing all your amazing work with us. I downloaded a lot and cant wait to get started using them. I said it before, but I feel like a kid at Christmas - opening folders to see what's inside smiley thank you! It's all so beautiful.

Love some of your papers. Flower power has me thinking. I will have to use the old slides from that era. smiley

Beautiful designs!

Linda, I just looked through all these in this thread and haven't downloaded any yet, but I am just blown away by your talent and generosity! Thanks so much for the tip on how to make multicolored items by erasing parts of different layers! I have been trying to figure it out for quite a while now....when I read your tip, I was so excited by how simple it really is. I love your icy word art, the VW bug paper (I already have a LO in mind for it), the Gratitude chalk word art, the masks, and too many of the brushes to name!! I'm off to explore your blog.... thanks bunches and bunches. You are so talented!

So awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!

Lovely things, thanks for sharing

Thank you so much. I was thinking about trying GIMP, but I had no idea where to get files for it. You are so generous!

Amazing Stuff! Thank you so much for sharing. I particularly loved the Vintage License Plates TRAVEL Words. To cute!

OMG you have some wonderful things. Thank you for sharing them.

Beautiful work! smiley