FREEBIES PU/S4O: Plavnick-Wellinghoff Studios (will negotiate for CU)

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FREEBIES PU/S4O: Plavnick-Wellinghoff Studios (will negotiate for CU)

Well, I've just uploaded my first freebies that aren't a part of a Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. So you can find my freebies here on My Blog.

(Just wanted to change my thread to Freebie to show PU personal use or S4O but if you are in need of something for CU I will negotiate.)

The first kit outside of PS, is on Fibromyalia Awareness.

I've got some word art...




And a few links to sites on-line for Fibromyalgia.

OH and there are 5 downloads with this, so that hopefully I would be under the size limit by Google Drive to allow them to automatically scan for viruses. I'm viruses free, but it's always nice to now that what you're downloading has been scanned.


Great kit! I love those colors, and the texture on your solid papers.

some Extras for the Fibromyalgia kit with flowers, in all the colors, if anyone is interested,

Thank you for sharing.

I love the colors of these papers! You have a great eye for design.