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I made a free paper kit because I am scrapbooking my childhood and I found a ton of Cabbage Patch Kids photos (from my grandma). Enjoy!

Thank yoU!

Welcome back Amara. thank you for the lovely papers smiley

Thanks! Glad to be back smiley

Np smiley

Apparently, I like yellow and green lol! I have been doing a lot of scanning old photos. I am in the process of scrapbooking my Gold Award for Girl Scouts. Hope these help someone else too!

My favorite egg was the blue one I made with a watercolor brush. No matter how hard I try, I always end up with brightly colored items. So much for pastels lol

Thank you for the papers and the eggs! Sweet!

Cabbage Patch! My eldest daughter LOVED Cabbage Patch! Brings back such good memories, thank you!

@Dianne You are welcome smiley