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thank you so much especially am tickled for the girl scout and "disney" themed ones!

@Tammy: You are so very welcome. Enjoy!

Thank you! I got it!

Love the papers also! Thanks

Super cute items you have here!!! Great job!!

Wow, esp like the girl scout kit!

Thanks everyone! I will be posting more girl scout kits soon! I am a daisy leader myself and want to scrapbook our troop's journey. I hope other girl scouts do the same smiley

@Amara, are you going to have the Chuck'n'Cheese freebie back at your website? I was wondering as that freebie was one of the kits I lost after my laptop hard drive went nuts smiley we celebrated my daughter's 2 year old birthday at Chuck'n'Cheese back in the day and that freebie would be perfect smiley no pressure, just wondering if you are going to have it back smiley

thank you love the kits

@Daniela: unfortunately, I lost some kits I designed in transitioning from one system to another, so no. My Chuck E. Cheese kit is no longer.

@Hendrien: You are welcome smiley

thank you. i love your stuff

Amara, thanks for replying, I know the feeling of loosing files smiley

@Amara: Through some pirate's actions, your Chuck E. Cheese kit got preserved on the net. I was looking for something to scrap a kid's party and Google found this for me.
pirate site link to your Chuck E. Cheese kit

Let me know when you've contacted them with DMCA removal requests and I'll clear the link so we're not giving them publicity.

I love your scouting kit... thanks so much for sharing!

lovely! thanks

Very pretty smiley


Amara, thank you for all your lovely freebies!

Thank you, Amara--this is really lovely!

Awesome. Thank you.

Thanks so much!

thank you