FREEBIES CU/PU: Ania Archer {Sunshine Inspired Designs}

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FREEBIES CU/PU: Ania Archer {Sunshine Inspired Designs}

Welcome everyone. I'm so excited to be here. It is such an amazing community and I want to contribute as much as I can. I want to share my freebies with you and I'm looking forward to hear your feedback, it means a lot to me.

My first Valentine's Day freebie can be download on my website: Sunshine Inspired Designs: Grab your Valentine’s Day Freebie – Pocket Page and Scrapbooking Mini Kit

Commercial Use Polka Dots Papers and Overlays are now on my blog: Sunshine Inspired Deisgns

Polka dot overlay paper set by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

For those who want to try Digital Pocket Page Scrapbooking (Project Life) I have a Pocket Page Layout Template on my blog: Sunshine Inspired Designs

Sunshine Inspired Designs, Digital Pocket Page Template
by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

I just posted St. Patrick's Day freebie on my blog. It includes 3 3x4 and 3 6x4 journaling cards and 7 embellishments

That's so cute, love the Lucky brad. I think brads are my favorite embellishment.

Lovely, thanks for sharing!!

Thank you ladies. I'm glad you like it.

I created from March Designer Challenge pretty big kit and I decided to give it away in my newsletter. Here are mini previews, if you click on this link it will take you to my blog where you can see what is included in the kit.

Sunshine Inspired Designs Inspire Scrapbooking Kit
by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

Sunshine Inspired Designs Inspire Scrapbooking Kit
by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

This kit has coordinating 16 journaling cards as well, you can download them on my facebook page.

Sunshine Inspired Designs, Inspire journaling Cards 4x6
by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

Sunshine Inspired Designs, Inspire journaling Cards 3x4
by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

Last night I added free digital pocket page scrapbooking template on Sunshine Inspired Designs blog

Sunshine Inspired Designs Pocket Page Template Freebie
by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

Nice template, Ania! I'm just starting to try the Project life style a bit more, so I think I will d/l this. Thank you! smiley

@Lizanne, I'm glad I can help. During next couple of weeks I'm going to release 3 maybe 4 more templates on my blog. I'm created about 30 so far (and I will have more for sure) and I'm deciding what to do with them so let me know if there are any certain designs you need, if I have it I will share it with.

That's awfully nice of you. smiley I'm not sure what to suggest, though double templates are helpful for making albums so maybe that?

I recently started taking PSP classes (not necessarily on digiscrapping, but on getting to know the software better which I'm sure will help me do better with that), so I'm not making pages as much. Although I promised my goddaughter that I will create some pages for her - I'm just having a bit of creative block right now. This will be the first time I've scrapped for a girl, and I admit I'm a bit nervous. Don't want to disappoint her! smiley She's Asian, so I know I will try to make some of them have an Asian flair (her mom liked that idea). Just hope I get that part right...

Thank you for sharing ! All of these kits are really cute !

I have two more Project Life Templates for download on Sunshine Inspired Designs Website, Design #3 and Design#4

Oh and of course here is my part of May Blog Train Hello

I just added new freebie to my blog: Hello coordinating Vellum Overlays.

thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing Ania, this is gorgeous!

Thank you for your great work. I love the journal cards you have posted. I also signed up for your newsletter! smiley Thank you so much for your inspiration! smiley

@Rebecca I'm so happy you like my cards. Thank you for signing up for my newsletter. I'm currently finishing up kit with more cards, papers and elements smiley When I'm done with it I will be looking for few ladies who want to create few pages for me using that kit. Let me know if you are interested, and I will give you link to download the kit.

Ania, I would LOVE to make a page using your kit. However, I don't use digital layouts. I don't have the program. I do however print off what I like and then put them in my scrapbooks. Would that be possible? I'll see if I can figure out how to contact you. smiley

HI Rebecca, that would be great. I need someone else to test it for print/hybrid pages. Please leave me your email address and I will email you the links. Do you want all three packs: cards, elements and papers?. I'm releasing this kit on Friday morning, and I would love to feature your pages in the release post. Can you email them to me by Thursday night?

Hi Ania! I sure can! My email is I sent this to you in email on here but not sure if you saw it or not. You can send me all three packs and I will use all that I can! Thank you!

Also, can I scan the page I create and send it to you since I'm doing it by print?

your designs are great! Thanks for sharing!

This week I have Quick page freebie that coordinates with my Hello Collection and May Blog Train

SID_Hello_QuickPage Freebie
by Ania D. Archer, on Flickr

Lovely work!!!

Thank you @Athena.

There is new freebie on my blog!


I have a giveaway on my blog this month. I'm giving away {Hello} Collection to 1 lucky winner. To enter just head on over to my blog: Sunshine Inspired Designs. The giveaway is going to be active till July24th, 2014, so don't miss your chance to win!

Here is preview of the {Hello} Collection


Thanks for sharing your lovely designs! smiley