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Thank you Chitra for your kind words! I too love antiques & vintage things! I also find things around my nearly 200yr old house which I try and include in my kits! smiley For instance my Nov 2014 blog train kit has a key which we dug up in our yard and actually works on the door here. And in the Kitchen Basics there is a porcelain lid for and old canning jar which was found under our kitchen here. smiley I have plans for the many buttons I have found among other things. smiley Thanks again for your comments!

That sounds so fun Bethany! I would love to see your photos & layouts! Seaglass would be so fun to collect!

Im a bit late in updating here! - January's Crafty Evening Blog Train.

You can download this January mini kit from my website here.


Coming Soon February 1st! So be sure to check back to my Freebie page!


Sweet! Thank you for sharing it with the community smiley

@Helen - Thank you for kind words! smiley

First post is now updated for February's blog train! smiley

Love your blog train kits for the last couple of months. Thanks!

Jessica, love the antebellum theme!

Thank you very much Kathryn & Benita! I'm happy to hear you liked them. smiley

Thank you very much. smiley

Your very welcome Sirin!

AHHHHH!!! These are all so beautiful! I loved the Dapper Gentleman and the Grandma's Kitchen one is FREAKING AMAZEBALLS!! LOL, but seriously, I. Love. Them.

Thank you!

Thank you so much Erin! smiley


Thank you Amy!


Well here is a sneak preview for my part of the April 1st Blog Train - Life in Full Bloom.

This kit will include at least 43 elements, 25 papers, 8 journal cards & 1 photo mask. It will be on my blog April 1st. smiley

4/1/16 - April's Life in Full Bloom Blog Train.

You can download my part here on my website.

smiley Thank you very much. I love it.

Happy to hear that! Thanks for downloading smiley

Your work is so beautiful... I'm feeling a little inadequate (Ok a lot) right now! Thank you for sharing your amazing creations. You must be loving the Yesteryear Blog Train?! I'm so excited to see what you come up with (no pressure or anything, of course!!)

Thank you!

Beautiful smiley !!! thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous material smiley

Awww no need to feel inadequate! Your kits are fantastic Merritt! smiley And many thanks on the compliments! Yes I am excited about the Yesteryear Blog Train! I already started working on something for it altho my creativity went for a walk without me so Im waiting for it to return lol!

Thank you Jennifer & Graciela! smiley

SOOO CUTE! And freee! I call that a win win! smiley

Thank you Raphael! I really need to update this thread too lol! Working on that now. smiley

Updated first post with a new freebie!

Sept 2016 Keep it Moving Blog Train

This will be live September 1st

EDIT: If anyone had trouble with my zips on the new site, my tech got the problem fixed. So I released the train kit a tad early. Its available for download and should be problem free! Let me know if it's isnt!

A couple of new freebies!

October Blog Train School of Art Freebie -

Digital Scrapbooking Day Freebie -

My latest freebies for October... smiley

PS CU October Blog Train - Paints

Newsletter Signup Freebie

Thank you so much. I've just signed up for your newsletter too smiley