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hi thank u so much they are cute. smiley

Thanks for all of the awesome freebies.

I have a new freebie on my blog just in time for Fathers' Day (Cat Scrap Fever):

Great stuff! thank you

Cute kit!

I have some new schtuff for you all smiley. I'm participating in 2 blog trains, plus I have a little extra one. Here are the previews:

Stuff to Scrap blog train:

Digi Shop Talk blog train:

And its Canada Day July 1st, so I have a freebie to commemorate the day:

I hope you like them and can use them. They are available for download from by blog: Cat Scrap Fever

wow!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR STUFF CAT!!I love the colors of the papers!

are scripts the same as actions!??

are scripts the same as actions!??

They are pretty much the same. It also depends what program you are using. You can have both a script and an action in Photoshop (don't know about PSE), however, you use scripts in PaintShop Pro.

I have another freebie to commemorate the 4th of July! I hope you like it and will be able to use it! Here's the preview:

As usual, the download links are on my blog: Cat Scrap Fever

ohh okay. so actions are for PS and PSE whereas scripts are paint shop pro.. got it

Ok, this is going to be my last post in the freebies section for a while. Really... smiley So I have a sneak peek of what I'm going to be giving away to my newsletter subscribers. The newsletter is going out tomorrow at 12 noon (MST), so you have until just before then to sign up if you want to grab the freebie. Here's the sneek peak (if you go to my blog and click on the photo, you will get the full hi res version to see the detail).

My blog: Cat Scrap Fever

You've changed you picture Cat - I will miss the starry green cat but it is lovely to put a face to the name!

Great work!

That's lovely. Thanks!

I know this one was a while ago, but I love it. Thecolors and patterns are so soft and soothing. Also, I meant to tell you I love your blog name.

I know this one was a while ago, but I love it. Thecolors and patterns are so soft and soothing. Also, I meant to tell you I love your blog name.

Thanks! I've been using that as my design name for about 8 years now.

I have a couple new freebies for you that co-ordinate with this month's blog train. The first one is a Facebook freebie:

You can download this one by liking my FB page here: Cat Scrap Fever FB page (click on the big red heart to take you to the freebie area) You will need to like the page to download the sticker pack.

The next one is my newsletter freebie. I didn't get a preview up earlier so that people could sign up if they wanted this, so I'm posting the link to download this add-on just for the Pixel Scrapper community.

Here is the direct download link: At the Beach Add-on Paper Pack

The will only be available through the month of August.

Thanks for the add ons Cat! This is great!

Add-ons for the blog train . . . what a lovely idea. I don't have a FB, but I will cheerfully snag the pretty papers, Cat.

You make such nice things. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much. The papers are gorgeous.

Your layout looks great and the papers land emebellies look great. It looks like a very well put together kit!!

love the kits!! smiley smiley

Your Beach-Kit is really great! I am happy to download it!

Oh I should have read it all first. Your freebie already expired smiley

thanks so much