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Thank you

Leisel, Kathryn, and Angela-- Thank you so much for kind words.. smiley

Lovely butterflies. Thank you.

The flowers are beautiful. Thank you so much.

Thank you Jan.. smiley

Hi All.. smiley

Here's a mini kit I have uploaded here for 'Designer Challenge-- Me And My Grandparents'..Though it is suitable for both Grandparents and their full family.. smiley
DOWNLOAD HERE-- Creative Mind's Studio
The CUTE OLD CHARACTERS are only for PU..
Other 3 sets are free for PU/CU..

very nice. i like the floral papers very much

Thank you Vroni.. smiley

Hi Guys.. smiley

Here are two more freebies at my site..DOWNLOAD HERE-- Creative Mind's Studio

1) A small set of 6 precious royal photo frames for your royal projects..

2)This file contains 1 layered psd if you want to modify them and 3 leather patterned ready ID cards..I have forgot where from I got this leather texture but you can find many more by surfing the web..
You can add the photo behind the transparent area..A thin white layer is placed on the area to make the photo little fade..All you need is to reduce the transparency of the text you're going to add beside the photo.

The photo IDs are a really cute idea, thank you so much for sharing them!

Love it, thanks!

Thank you Kathryn and Leisel... smiley
Though I don't know Harry Potter had any ID card or not.. smiley

Thank you

Thank you, love the frames!

Thank you Beverly and Angela..

Here's a big update ..The whole Bohemian Scrapkit is uploaded at my site for download..Find it here--

Also I have made a set of 20 swirls inspired by a Patron challenge here..So this is what I have made..
download here-- Creative Mind's Studio


Love the leather photo id, and the metal swirls, thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you Arlene.. smiley

Hi All, small update.. smiley

I was making a teenager kit for Pixel Scrapper October blog train..But for some personal reason I am not gonna join on that month train..So I am uploading what I have made so far as just a simple update..Hope you'll like it..

DOWNLOAD HERE-- Creative Mind's Studio

Love the teenage kits!

Thanks Kathryn.. smiley

Love it!! Thanks for sharing .

Thank You Randi.. smiley

Thank you again!!

You're welcome Angela.. smiley

HI FRIENDS!!! smiley

Today's update is not a recent update..I made this set long ago when I was a newbie in creating graphical clutters..So may be it's little less quality than my previous updates..But still I thought to share it.May be you all talented designers can find some use for it..FREE FOR PU/CU..
DOWNLOAD AT MY BLOG-- Creative Mind's Studio

Love the kit! Thanks smiley

Thank you Randi.. smiley

Here are two stickers set containing total 40 stickers in total..I made them for the designer challenge STICKERS here..Please visit my blog to download-- Creative Mind's Studio



Such beautiful stickers @randy. I love the fabric like feel in the arrows. Thank you

Sherry, I love the stickers! Thanks for sharing smiley

Thank You Kathryn and Sanghamitra. . smiley
Btw, Sanghamitra, my name is Sherry, but if you want and Randi agrees you can borrow her name for me.. smiley smiley