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@Sherry.... awww my bad... stupid typo... This is what happens while multitasking... running between kitchen, teaching history to kids and checking out these wonderful stuff ... ha ha ha

Maybe I will put your name to a song...then I won't forget... Sorry randi ;-P

I still have to memorize all the names and recognize you from your faces... and that reminds me I have to come here more regularly



Sanghamitra, that's alright..I understand as I often do horrible mistakes while multitasking.. smiley

Angela, smiley

Thanks, Sherry!

U r welcome Bethany. .

Awesome smiley Thanks for sharing.

Back again with an update Dears!! : )
Today I have several leafy things for you..These were created for designer challenge LEAVES here..Challenge was to create a few leaves but I thought to create a mini set based on leaves.. smiley

DOWNLOAD AT MY BLOG-- Creative Mind's Studio


Thank you!

Beautiful! Thanks.

Thank you Angela, Donna, Kathryn.. smiley

fall is comming. thanks for sharing

Fab. Thanks

Thank you Vroni and Randi.. smiley

Today's upload is very small and simple..I was little sick so really weak to work seriously..But I hope to be back soon with more goodies for you all..
A set of 12 animal themed brads for your projects..They are 300 ppi HQ png. images..

DOWNLOAD AT MY BLOG-- Creative Mind's Studio


Thank you Kathryn.. smiley

Today I have a very glowing update for all my visitors..Here are two sets containing 20 glowing blings for your mysterious, magical, royal, high quality & all other projects..
DOWNLOAD AT MY BLOG-- Creative Mind's Studio

nice bling blings. smiley

You're welcome Vroni..


Angela.. smiley

I have a new mini kit Available at my site based on Kids..Hope both kids and their parents will like my small colorful contribution.. smiley
DOWNLOAD AT MY BLOG-- Creative Mind's Studio



Thanks, Sherry!

U are welcome Kathryn.. smiley

Another beauty smiley

So much thanks.. smiley

Awesome kit! Thanks smiley

Thank you Randi.. smiley

I have completed the Autumn kit finally I started for designer challenge here..They are available at my blog for download.. smiley

Creative Mind's Studio




i love the animals. thank you

Cute kit, thanks!