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FREEBIES PU: Digi-creations by lizanne

I don’t talk about this much, but I live with chronic pain, suffer from bouts of insomnia (which often leads to sickness & physical setbacks), and am dealing with various physical health challenges. Those things have made it very hard for me to “create.” The desire to participate in the monthly blog trains here has been very high, but I've found that these health issues have made it challenging - as I often don't have the energy or stamina to get things done by the deadline. And if I push myself to meet the deadline (which I have done in the past), I often end up sick &/or cause more health complications for myself. So I've come to the conclusion that I need to let go - slow down, stop pushing myself & maybe not participate in them anymore - for my health's sake. I've been thinking that maybe instead of signing up for the trains, I'll try to create stuff as I am able (when I have the energy, ability & inspiration to) that will coordinate with the various trains (using their colors), and then post them here on the freebies board. Because I really do enjoy sharing...

I also haven't told many people this, but I have a mother that is extremely artistic, creative & competitive. And yes, in case you're wondering, she even tries to compete with me – she just *HAS* to be better than everyone else & an expert on EVERYTHING... It’s very tiring & disconcerting at times, as I really don't want to compete with her (which is why I nearly freaked out when she told me that she had bought Photoshop Elements!). That’s why I haven’t shared my venture into digiscrap designing with her. She knows I make layouts, but that’s about it. I haven’t even shared with her what program I use to make them (which is PSP smiley – shh…). And there have been many times where I've felt I don't have a creative/artistic bone in my body & have wondered, "why on earth am I doing this?" And I realized it's because, when the inspiration finally does happen & I can see light at the end of the tunnel, I enjoy creating things & sharing/giving them to others…

Anyhow, if you like what I create, please consider writing me as it inspires me to keep learning & making things. I don’t have a blog, but you can always send me a private message. smiley


I did make some stuff for the April blog train, but haven't finished them yet because I had some software problems & ended up having to uninstall/reinstall PSP, all the add-ons and such. It was a lot of work, but I'm finally done. I hope to take the patterns that I had made & turn them into papers soon, and will post them in here when they're done. smiley

Lizanne .... do what you can when you can and you are able ... I have a DIL that has chronic pain, I have some chronic pain and now have chronic hives to add to it which is why I've been quieter lately .... hard to create when you are itching and scratching or trying not to lol ... my message is this ... we are all dealing with something although it may not be chronic pain ... that kind of pain can keep you feeling you are alone but it's not true .. people do understand and if they don't they are not worth the energy to think of them. One step at a time, no matter what it is will get you to another day ... one moment at a time. If you don't feel like you can create something sometimes just getting in and playing will bring you something you like. Take care girl.

Thanks for your kind words & understanding, Susan. Not a lot of people understand what chronic pain is like... And that's what my main goal is - to take things one day at a time, one moment at a time. It's very hard at times - I used to be very active & a go-getter - but I'm trying to slow down & accept that I can't do what I used to do as much as I'd like to. Sure you can relate. smiley

Here's a quick peek at some of the seamless tiles I made for the April train:

And ones that haven't been turned into seamless tiles yet:

Hoping some good papers can come out of these. smiley

@Lizanne, I agree, don't push yourself, I think that ultimately, you need to feel joy while creating, take your time and I will always be on the look out for your designs, I think most of us don't plan to go anywhere else, this community is amazing, I plan to be here for years, so know that I got your back and I kind of understand what you are going through...I suffer from anxiety and depression, and cancer treatment of a few years ago left me with an abnormal fatigue and slow thought process for life, and I struggle to complete everyday tasks, and ALL my projects are WAY behind schedule, I hope I finish our Disney vacation scrapbook before my kids go to college LOL! but no pain though, you lady are a fighter! and very pretty by the way, always liked your avatar pic, beautiful smile!

Anyways, take care of yourself, be healthy and have fun designing kits and creating your layouts at your own pace, God bless you and your family, cheers!

Lizanne, you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. I look forward to seeing what you design whenever you are ready to share. The tiles are beautiful. smiley

Lizanne, do what you can when you can. Despite all you are going through, you are always complimenting people on their layouts and encouraging to other people. I also look forward to what you design when you are ready. Sending you good thoughts.

smiley Lizanne smiley

I would have to agree with what everyone else has said - take care of yourself, and do what you want to do when you feel like doing it. As Penny said in #7, you give a lot of people a lot of encouragement.

Like others here, I also have physical health problems, and am still on medication for anxiety and depression from a few years ago. And, like you, I can't afford to get stressed over deadlines - so I also do what I can, when I can. I am also my Mum's carer, which is in itself pretty stressful, as you can imagine!

And that's where designing comes in for me - I find it incredibly therapeutic to sit at the computer and play smiley

So, don't put added pressure on yourself, but continue to enjoy your designing and scrapping, and know that we are all behind you, 100%!!

I deal with chronic pain as well, Lizanne, and there are a lot of days where I can't do as much as I'd like to. Some days it's migraines and my monitor's too bright, some days it's too painful to sit up due to degenerating discs in my spine, others it's fibromyalgia pain or lupus fatigue, or (worst) it's fibro fog where my thoughts are so slow/scattered that I can't manage to do anything but watch tv and nuke food that day.

I'm sure May is going to be crazy with all the graduation stuff, too. That only happens once per kid per degree/diploma; make it a priority to be in shape to enjoy the day rather than worrying about whatever else you'd like to get done. In the words of David Allen, "You can do anything; you just can't do EVERYTHING." Time management is critical for people with chronic illness/fatigue/pain because the amount of time/energy we are capable of doing things (especially physically) is much more limited than a "normal" person's. What matters most is your health, both physical and emotional. If you don't have that or can't maximize it and still do what you're doing, then focus on your health and don't worry about doing the extra stuff that you don't have to. The only things you HAVE to do are eat, sleep, wash yourself, and use the bathroom. Paying bills on time and washing dishes are my next priority, with laundry and housework following after. I get the physical stuff done as my various health challenges permit, and don't sweat it too much if they don't. I'm taking the same attitude with scrapping stuff now.

My April blog train part went up on the 6th, but I figured better late than never, and I'm glad I did--apparently people love it as much as I do, if the comments I've gotten are anything to go by.

I'd just put it up, perhaps with a brief explanation of why it's later, and go on with life. It's the way your life goes, and you're putting beautiful stuff up for free; if someone wants to complain or doesn't like it, that's THEIR problem for having a lack of perspective, not yours. I'm grateful for everything I download from here and from all of the blog trains, because people are giving away things that, in many cases, would fetch a premium price at most scrapbooking stores. They're donating their time to design, the website hosting, the file hosting space that they could perhaps use to back up their own scrapbooking supplies offsite to protect them from hard drive crashes...and anyone who refuses to recognize that really comes across to me as a self-centered ingrate. (Not that I'm being judgmental or anything, lol... that's just how they look.)

You've almost always got an encouraging word for everyone here; that certainly puts you in a class of people that seem all too rare in this day and age. I know I try to focus on positives as well, though I'm nowhere near as good at it as your comments here show.

Aww, Lizanne ... you're like me: living in chronic pain. I feel you, truly I do, as I've been dealing with it for 14 years now. I, too, suffered from insomnia (for a decade until I finally got a doctor who would listen to me--went through several), but I now sleep like a baby after 9 months of being on Ambien two years ago. Nothing worse than getting only 1-2 1/2 hours sleep ever 2-3 days. Talk about cranky!

Anyway, take care of yourself first before anything else. Nothing is more important than one's own health.

Oh yeah, and I LOVE your seamless tiles! They're so funky! As soon as you post them, I'm going to download them. smiley

Thanks, Holly & Vidia... I don't have any people around me locally that understand what I go through on a day-to-day business, so it's really nice to know that there are other people out there like me who can relate. Not that I wish chronic pain on anyone (no way!)...

My time frame for chronic pain has been the last 17 years. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride, as there's been lots of ups & downs over the years (week to week, day to day & sometimes month to month). And I have disc degenerative disease, too, as well as mild scoliosis (in the upper & lower back). I had a collapse 4 years ago (came on quickly & out of the blue) & I've been working hard ever since to try to get back to where I was before that physically. Unfortunately, I've had more setbacks than success (1 step forward, 2 steps back) but I keep plugging on. I still have medical practitioners that are giving me hope that I can improve (in terms of flexibility, pain reduction and walking - they think a lot of my problems may actually stem from shortened/atrophied muscles, so they're trying to help me with that now), so I haven't yet accepted this as my "new normal" yet.

@Holly: Yeah, graduation is right around the corner (June 1st). But there's all the events leading up to it, too, including the Senior Ball. Not sure why, but my son's school hosts it at the Mount Washington Hotel (which is a bit of a drive), so we're going to try to see if my youngest can do a sleep over at a friends while we transport his older brother & his date to the Ball. And then my hubby & I will have a "date night" somewhere in town, while we wait for the Ball to wrap up, and then take them back to the Academy for the after party. Still don't know how many family/friends are coming up for graduation & what we're going to do after (bbq, dinner out or what not) - hoping they let me know soon as I need to put in for tickets, help them get rooms & possibly make dinner reservations. It will be a crazy busy time, I'm sure!

@Vidia: I'm almost done making the papers from the tiles (they're all converted to seamless tiles now, with some discarded because they just didn't work). Next step - making previews, tous, zipping the files & uploading them. Getting there, slowly but surely (I made a TON of tiles & thus a ton of papers - I got carried away). Were you interested in the tiles themselves or the papers? (wasn't sure by your comment) Oh, and thanks - I've just been having fun seeing what I can come up with (rather than planning things out). Funky's good, right? smiley smiley

Yes, it will be crazy busy, and you'll need to make sure you don't overdo it--there'd be nothing worse than not being able to enjoy the day because you were in so much pain that you had to take a bunch of the high-powered painkillers. I managed to get through my son's only taking 3 of the 5mg vicodin, but that was because we did a lot of planning ahead and enlisted the help of several relatives (locals and ones who traveled a day or two early) for prep/setup/serving/cleanup.

Also, does PSP have an "offset"-like function? That makes it really easy in Photoshop to make seamless tiles, and if such a thing exists, you could possibly be able to design your patterns seamlessly from the start and save work having to convert them to seamless.

@Lizanne When you don't have anyone offline that can relate, the world can seem so much bigger and that you're the only one going through whatever it may be ... I know I've felt like that in the past, that people didn't understand how much pain courses through my body every waking second. However, with just a few clicks of a mouse and strokes of a keyboard, you can find plenty of people who are going through the exact same thing. Just know that you are not alone....

As for the tiles, yes, i meant just the tiles themselves. lol Maybe I misunderstood, but that's what I thought you were going to upload, not actual papers. Why not just make some (5-10?) into papers rather than all of them? Just offering the tiles is good enough, especially since you're not feeling too well lately.

@Holly PSP has seamless tiling, but it looks like she was making them small, then planning to flood fill a 12 X 12 image. I do the same thing when I make patterns.

@Holly: I was going to tell you that I don't know the answer to that PSP question & I'd ask my mentor, but it sounds like Vidia already knows the answer! LOL

@Vidia: Papers are already made. But if you're interested in any particular tiles, I can zip them up for you. smiley And I'd be interested in knowing more about the way you do PSP seamless tiling. I'm in a PSP learning program, and one of the exercises was how to take something you've drawn & turn them into interesting tiles (using various options under Effects menu), and then turn those tiles into seamless tiles so they can be used to floodfill anything (paper, elements, etc.). So, believe it or not, I did some watercolor/wet paint squiggles in the train colors (best way I can describe it... LOL) for the Reflections train, ran some of the effect options & those tiles are the result from that! For the Animal Kingdom Train, my cat patterned cat papers (not the gingham ones) were completely done by hand, one stamp at a time (after I had extracted some of my cats out of my pictures, turned them into solid shapes & made them into brushes) - no tiles used whatsoever.

Um, all of the tiles would be nice. LOL I really do like them; as I said, they're funky. smiley As far as tiling goes, it really depends what you're working with ... PSP's tiling isn't all that great compared to a plugin I used to use but doesn't work with Windows8. To me, it's more for use with a single object, such as a heart, than anything else. Going from the above tiles, I'm going to assume you used the Pattern/Kaleidoscope effect under Reflection Effects. I don't play around with those, so I won't be of much use in that area. I actually wrote up a tutorial for Jennifer to show her how to make seamless patterns (dots, hearts, whatever) using a single image; it's written for a beginner (with screenshots) because I didn't know her skill level. If you want, I can email it to you, too. Wait, never mind ... I deleted that one. Hold on, checking email to see if I deleted it there, too. It's gone there, as well. smiley Ugh, um ... send her message to see if she still has it.

I downloaded your part of the blog train for one of the months I was gone. I'll have to take a closer look at what you did. I just saw your picture and hit the download link without really paying attention to what you made. LOL smiley

Okay... smiley smiley Laughing about the downloading without paying attention part - I admit sometimes I do that, too.

I recall a conversation we had a long time ago where I was telling you to post stuff you design, but you seemed hesitant. I think that's why I downloaded it without really looking. I'm glad you began sharing! smiley

So sorry to only just getting around to this, but May was such a busy month - between all 3 of my nieces' birthdays, my hubby's birthday, our wedding anniversary, and all the concerts & senior events leading up to prom & graduation... When I think back on last month I get exhausted! LOL

Anyhow, I made WAY too many papers for April's "REFLECTIONS" blog train, but hopefully there's something you like & can use. The blog train colors just spoke to me & I couldn't stop. smiley I broke them down into 6 zip files so they will be quick to download - just click on the text below the preview & it will bring you directly to that download... smiley

paper pack 1 *link fixed 6/18/15 (sorry about that!)

paper pack 2

paper pack 3

paper pack 4

paper pack 5

paper pack 6

Any feedback is appreciated - just send me a personal message through Pixel Scrapper... Have a great day! smiley

Lizanne, I love these! There's no such thing as too late to release pretty papers, and these will be too much fun with the "Reflections" theme items from others. I'm really looking forward to using them on art-journal pages.

very beautiful Colors. i love these

Lizanne, these papers are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Lizanne, for some reason when I click the link to paper pack 1, it is coming up as pp 4.

I agree with Holly, no such thing as late for papers as beautiful as these. And the same thing happens to me as happens with Kathryn, link to paper pack 1 comes up as paper pack 4. These are beautiful. Thank you so much!

Thanks for all the kind words - warms my heart...

@Kathryn & Debbie: Going to go check that out now - thanks for letting me know!
Updated to add: it's all fixed now smiley

It worked Lizanne and they are beautiful--just as the others! Thanks!

Perfect... thanks, Lizanna!

Thanks Lizanne, lovely colors!

Sometime after the April blog train I got a request to make a wooden daisy flower, using the same wood texture I used on the journal cards... I finally got around to it & sent the d/l link to that person. Thought some of you might be interested in it as well. If you are, click on the link below the picture. smiley

Animal Kingdom blog train add-on

Thanks for sharing smiley

Thanks, Lizanne, that's cute!

Very pretty papers, thank you!