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Gosh these papers are fabulous!!!!

Hi, Lizanne

I could have written your post. It's not easy and I think a lot of us with forced down time end up meeting on forums. I don't know if it would apply to your mother but the book Understanding the Borderline Mother has helped me to cope with my feelings about my mother. Your papers are lovely and I hope you continue to design. I'm new to digital designing but it's been a bright spot for me lately and I'm sure it's the same for you. (((HUGS)))

Very very pretty papers, Lizanne...thank you, I downloaded all the packs! smiley

Thank you for your kind & encouraging words, ladies! smiley I don't do much in the way of creating during the summer (with a house full of kids visiting or sleeping over nearly every day), but when I do I will definitely post some more. smiley

I love the yellow/blue papers - such pretty colors together smiley