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Hope this is alright to post here as it is not a classic freebie. I created a video class on Skillshare called 'Design-led Digital Scrapbooking for Modern Memory-keepers'. Normally, only members with a subscription can watch the class (and 1000s of others) on the site BUT I can create so-called 'free access links' which allow you to watch the class without subscribing.

So, I have created a link that has 25 uses. I have no idea if this is way too many or not enough! If you click through and find that it doesn't work PLEASE REPLY and I will post a new link with fresh uses on it smiley You do have to create a free account, but you do not have to sign up to any membership or trial by using this link.

The class is the first in a series where I will go through step-by-steps of how I create a layout. This first class talks about ways to choose the best photos, and how to prepare journaling in advance ready for scrapbooking. This is the first time I have made a video 'thing' like this, and I hope it might be of some use to the community or to those on the Skillshare platform who have yet to discover our fabulous pastime. If you have any feedback on the class I would love to hear it. I enjoyed making it as it really challenged me to learn new skills with video and sound.

I have not been around on PS for a long time, but I have really appreciated the amazing resources I have been able to access here. It's great to be part of this community so I thought I'd say Thank You in at least this small way smiley

>>Kate's Skillshare Class<<

Full disclosure: I DO NOT receive any affiliate fee for you using this link. However, if you were to sign up to a membership after using the link I may receive extra on any teacher royalties I make (I don't actually fully understand how this works but I thought I'd mention it!)

thank you for this, I always look for great tutorial on scrapbooking