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need some wacky doodles?!
maybe you'll be interested in this carnival set i made for the Doodle Challenge
(images are linked)

a wordart made for the Recipe Challenge jump started this mini kit:

hope you like it & feel motivated by this quote smiley
you'll find the whole scoop & your copy of the kit on my blog

i made a calendar card & a cutout overlay for my review layout, so i tweeked them some more to offer you guys a copy as well
if you can think of anything you might create with these, please help yourselves! smiley
(preview will take to my blog)

JournalCards are slowly starting to grow on me. Mainly because I've dicovered they're the perfect little blank canvas for me to scribble on! And making these was so exciting, I thought I'd share them with you lovely people (click here or the image) Hope you can get some use & inspiration out of it! smiley
*Cards are rounded, sized 900x1200 px, saved as .png

Since the theme is NewYears, I focused on some of the NY symbols: the Piggy represents moving forward & not looking back, Clovers are for luck (obviously) & a hint of Red is what you gotta have on your clothes on NY Eve.

My darlings, I wish you a good start of the TwentyFifteen & have fun scrapping about it!

Ho-ho-ho-hello, people!
In this season of giving & sharing, I felt inspired to make a wee bit present for you all, as well smiley
It contains 1 background in .jpg & 8 elements in .png, all at 300 dpi & covered with my fingerprints (as they passed through my hands, brushes, scissors) smiley
(click on the preview for direct download)

Hope you have a "holly, jolly" time playing with it!

Beautiful drawings Paddy! Merry Christmas smiley

so pretty Paddy! Thanks.

Love your work, Paddy! It is so fun and carefree! Thank You.

you're all more then welcome, glad you enjoy it! smiley

Gorgeous wordart! Thanks for sharing

Thanks Paddy for the gift.. You all have a happy holidays!!!

Thanks, Paddy! Your work is so fun and happy!

Lovely. THankyou

This is really great, Paddy. Thank you!

Thank you so much.

hah, i'm so pleased you ladies like these! thank you!

i'm going through some sort of creative phase & am feeling quite crafty, so the other day i looked at the ever growing sketch pile on my desk, and realized there's not much point in leaving it there to collect dust- that's why i'm so glad you like the drawings, it's like you people breath new life into them each time! it's wonderful! smiley

@Paddy: Pretty, pretty, pretty! Definitely going to d/l this one - tyvm! smiley

Thank you so much Paddy for sharing. Stunning work. smiley smiley smiley


How beautiful - I love the mix of greens and the whimsy of the designs

thank you very much

smiley you ladies are just awesome - your kind words are very much appreciated!

thanks bunches! These are great!

Thank you so much ~these are brilliant !!

you're welcome smiley and your feedback is priceles, thanks chili!

Thank you, these are great!

love your style! These are fantastic! thanks for sharing.

thanks so much, Paddy. you're so talented. can't wait to work with your art.

Totally Cute !!!

i'm super duper glad you ladies are enjoying these smiley
...and you know what... i think i just might make some more... your sweet comments are quite encouraging smiley

So gorgeous! Thank you!

So very generous! Thank you!

Paddy, These are gorgeous! Thank you.

Such fun items.. they 'scream' happy

cool. thankyou

I love your piggies! Thanks so much!