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Oh, my, Paddy, I am having a serious artist crush right now! Your work is so creative and clever and quirky! I love how it's doodley and kind of carefree messy. I absolutely adore it! And looking at your work keeps making my muse bite!

I am really looking forward to your future musings! Thanks so much for sharing! smiley

yay, i'm growing wings here just reading about how you guys like the piggies smiley
happy, happy...

and Mollie. thank you. that's about the nicest, most rewarding thing you could say to me- and i assure you the feeling is mutual - you are an awesome inspiration as well!

...and to be honest, i really wasnt sure if other scrappers would go for this kind of style, it's a bit different. now i'm super glad to share everything & see what an eclectic bunch hangs around this site smiley

You're right, it is a different style- but it's also very refreshing to see! Beautiful work!

Love your work!!!

Paddy! i'm just seeing this now!!! LOVE your piggy paper, and your painted stuff is awesome!! I need to quit my job so I can have more time to have fun!! smiley

Thank you for sharing your designs. Loving the piggies!

I love your style! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much for the constant change kit. It's lovely

Love the rounded cards smiley

well, that's just fabulous, ladies!
thank you for taking the time to drop some feedback here smiley
enjoy the scraps & maybe show everyone what you've made in the gallery smiley

Thank you, Paddy!

Thank you-- I love your work!

well, thanks Bethany! i'm surprised you managed to dig me up in this freebie thread full of goodness- feels like ages since my last update... ooops... smiley

Goodness, I love these! Spectacular crazy wonderful smiley

right back at 'ya, Sus! smiley
looking forward to your loayouts!

hey, there happy people!

want a free quickpage?
here ya go...

#instascrap, #justaddphoto
made proudly and lovingly with my fresh kit - "dance" smiley

thank you Paddy!