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FREEBIES PU: Robin Sampson

I am speaking at the Hope in the Lord Bible Journaling Conference. Register to attend free here

Description: Are you missing the heart of Bible journaling? I want to encourage you to examine why you want Bible journal. You probably, like the rest of us, got so excited to realize you can combine crafty artistic expressions and spiritual growth so we jump in with markers and washi tape. But it is so easy to focus on the craft that we miss the heart of Bible journaling—to be develop Christ-like character. My goal is to help you remember the heart of Bible journaling and stay on that path. I will also introduce you to some of my favorite Bible journaling methods including digital Bible journaling, travelers notebooks, memory dex cards and treasure journals.

FREE God's Promises BIble Journal Class (digital and printable) Daily Lessons

FREE Names of God Bible Journal Class (digital and printable) Daily Lessons

FREE Bee-Attitudes Bible Journal Class (digital and printable) Daily Lessons

Robin, I LOVE your designs! I just checked out your Facebook page and group, but I couldn't answer the questions to try and join the group because there wasn't any way to type in the answers or click on anything. May be user error (totally possible!) but I couldn't figure it out.

No its Facebook. It's hick-up-y. I'll add you.

Ok, thank you, Robin!

Printable Pocket Card Layout with Bible Verses for Frustration. Hang on the fridge!

Download at my Dropbox.

Lovely things hon smiley

Thank you, Robin!

These are beautiful, thank you so much

Free Printable September Bible Journal Prompts. 30 verses on "Taking Thoughts Captive"

Get download link on my blog.

Friday Freebie on my blog Matching elements in the PS Commons. (Free until Sept 30, 2019)

Friday Freebie on my blog Matching elements in the PS Commons. (Free until Sept 30, 2019)

Free Book Discussion Class with free Travelers Notebook Printables

excellent idea Robin!

I am bible journaling the September "every thought captive"!

Yay! Good stuff. smiley

thanks dear

Beautiful Thank you!♥

Everyone that attends my part of the FREE Bible Journal Online Conference tomorrow (Oct 16-18) will receive a Rejoice Freebie Kit and a 50% Coupon Code for any Bible Journaling Class. If you cannot attend the free conference you can get life time access to all the videos at 40% off tonight at

I am speaking at a FREE online Be the Light Bible Journaling Conference today. The conference runs from October 16-18, 2019 beginning at 10:00 PST, 12:00CST and 1:00 EST. I speak at 12:30 PST, 2:30 CST, and 3:30 EST but it will be available for 24 hours.

OH I Love that I love that purple.... THank you so much!♥

I love the font you used with Rejoice. It's beautiful.♥

Friday Freebie with Faith Dex Card download this week from my Bible Journal Love Blog

Free Printable November Calendar fits in a Travelers Notebook. Prayer Warrior Verses Download from my blog

How cute thank you!♥

Last chance to get December Friday Freebies

Free Parable Bible Prompts Calendar fits in a Travelers Notebook