FREEBIES CU/PU/S4H: Kahlia (KayCee)

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FREEBIES CU/PU/S4H: Kahlia (KayCee)

(copy and pasted this bit from my blog post:)
I love designing and learning. Love the process of deciding what goes best together and what just doesn't work. Love trying new styles and relying on old ones. But I don't have a real interest in advertising or pushing sales. So, that means YOU get to benefit. I was planning on a 52-weeks of freebies, but who says I will stop at a year, and who says that circumstances might not change after 7 months? So, instead, you will just get a weekly freebie until I run out of ideas smiley

I will also add older ones (since I don't have too many to begin with) but there will be at least a weekly update smiley
Terms change per item, so I will clearly state above each image, what the TOU are. Individual TOU are in each zipped freebie and there is a TOU page here on my blog smiley Its pretty easy to follow and my blog page covers it.

Personal Use:

Personal Use:

Personal Use:

Personal, S4H, Commercial Use:

Personal, S4H, Commercial Use:

Personal, S4H, Commercial Use:

Personal Use:

Personal, S4H Use:

Personal, S4H, Commercial Use:

Thanks for the freebies, love your work smiley

I downloaded your highlighter brushes. Thanks so much! I can't wait to use them on a layout.

Thanks smiley There is plenty more to come lol

Thank you smiley going to try them myself on a project life card and see how they print smiley

Personal, S4H use:

Thank you so much!

2 new freebies smiley

cute ty

these are lovely! thanks for sharing!

Thanks! These are great!

Thanks to everyone fr all your kind words!!

Have a new freebie on my blog

Kahlia, thank you for sharing your designs with us - you have some really unusual items here! When I was at your blog, I noticed that your Slow Light Overlays 1 link is actually linked to the Christmas Banners zip instead. Just thought I'd let you know!

Thanks so much for pointing that out! That hasn't been spotted before smiley

Thank you so much for your lovely embossed papers!

OWWWWW I'm going to have fun with these!!! smiley

Bright Sunshiney Day Freebie 2

Love your embossed overlays!

Thank you!

This weeks freebie is up. 6x4 cards on my blog smiley PU and S4H

The embossed overlays are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them!

The embossed overlays are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them!

Part 4 of the Bright Sunshiney Day is up. PU & S4H