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Love the coffee kit!


Free printable holiday planner pages...

Oh, this is gorgeous! I especially like the seahorse paper!

As soon as I can get this uploaded in the Commons..."Elfie Xmas", inspired by a certain Christmas elf movie! smiley

Love your wonderful creations! That pine cone garland is too sweet! smiley


This won't be uploaded to the Commons until closer to Easter, but I am's SO CUTE!

I'm waiting smiley smiley

Hi Tina... is there anyway I could get your "Life's a Beach" mini kit that you had at one time on I love the elements and papers in that kit. I found the kit on your blog, but it links to W4E website with a message that says the product can not be found.

This will start releasing in the Commons tomorrow...a little late for Valentine's Day, but that was what I intended it for!

Love the colors in this mini kit, TY

OOooooo pretty.
I love the heart tree.
And the button hearts.
And the circle hearts banner.
Ok, so I pretty much love it all.

A really beautiful valentine kit! smiley

So, the [url=[0]=is_uid%3A17647]Easter 2017[/url] stuff is in the Commons (as much as I could get with the limitations smiley ) and the rest of it is HERE (but this is a new sharing service to me, so please let me know if it doesn't share out the files!).

I'll try and get a preview up, but you can view the files on the site, too!

That link says the files have been deleted.

Sorry about that...try again, Kathryn! smiley

I'm still not able to access it. It is telling me that I need to sign up or log in smiley


Ugh! OK...moved the items to a different host...HERE. Sorry!

My sample layout from the items!

Looks great, thanks!


I can't get it. Don't now what I do wrong smiley

I Love color combination. Hope to adjust different color. Hmm actually Green! Everything should green flavor.

Your all about hearts kit is really lovely. I especially like the bunting and button hearts.

Offering an ice cream cone in honor of National Ice Cream Day today in the Commons, HERE! Enjoy and go eat some ice cream! smiley