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I have some Facebook freebies mini bliss kits. These are personal use only. I will post the link below - I just wanted to update this subject to reflect PU only.

More info below. Please note these are personal use only. Thanks! ~Dee

Dang. I missed this. Way cute. I'm new here and just catching up on the posts.

Please visit my blog for some new freebies including this one! Personal use only. ~Dee

Cute kt, thanks!

thank you!

Thank you! smiley

You're welcome. smiley

New PU Freebie Create Your Future!

These are adorable! Thank you.

I'm so glad you like them. You're welcome. smiley

Thank you very much. smiley

You're so welcome! smiley

New free kit PU.


Thank you. These are creative and unique.

You're so welcome and thank you! smiley

New Scrapbook Freebie! PU only

New Scrapbook Freebie! PU only

The Family vacation and The Warm Tea and Socks are my favorites! Thank you for sharing your unique and adorable kits...

Thanks for sharing the lovely kits!!

You're so welcome, Heidi! I have a new kit up too. smiley

You're welcome, Vanessa! I have a new kit up too. smiley

New Personal Use freebie to celebrate National Napping Day!

Thank you for very cute kit. smiley

You're very welcome, Sirin. smiley

Thanks Dee!

You're welcome, Benita! smiley

New Personal Use freebie Getting Crafty!

New Personal Use freebie Hold on to Summer!