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FREEBIES CU/PU: Renee Biggie


Instead of offering free kits, I have decided that I can actually sell them. However, I have decided to start my own Freebie Friday since I won't be offering entire kits anymore. You can find my blog here:


5/3/13 EXPIRED
This week I have decided to provide a few buttons from my first kit, "Here Comes The Sun"

5/10/13 EXPIRED
I was messing around with cutting some shapes and scanning them. Well I ended up tracing and making a frame for the element a day challenge and I was happy with one I made. Well, I made another and then played around with a swapping color plugin. I'm sure these would be fairly easy to recolor as you wish. Share the results with me!

5/17/13 Expired

Today (It was supposed to be yesterday but I forgot!) I am giving away a 13 cutouts of various colors and styles. I made templates of the 3 shapes (inchworm, heartbeat, and wave) from scans I did of actual paper, so you get some real texture to them too. I have made flowers from them. The preview shows them at 30% of the actual size. Enjoy!

5/24/13 EXPIRED

Who doesn't love glitter right? I was messing around with PSPx4 and through a ton of add noise/erode/dilate and selection features, I was able to create a glitter template that I was satisfied with. Now I can make it in any color and I am thrilled enough to share some with yous!

5/31/13 EXPIRED

Hello Everyone! This week I am doing something crazy. Here are 26 ribbons of all different sizes and colors that I have made this spring. Since I have started doing this digital scrapbook thing, these are all the ribbons I have made and used (for kits, layouts, personal use etc...)

6/7/13 Expired!

Tags are a major part of the digital scrapbook world. Some people use them and some people don't. For those of you that do, I am giving out 6 textured tags.
I created each of the shapes myself. NOTE: THE SHADOW IS FOR PREVIEW ONLY. There is no bevel or drop shadow on any of the tags. Each is 300dpi and ready for use!

6/14/13 Expired
Usually I am able to post on here everyday, but tomorrow I have a full plate. It's my Daughter's Moving up day, my cat's birthday (don't laugh at me.. I am doing enough of that myself lol) and the 11 year anniversary of a dear friend's death. I don't know that I will be getting on here to give away my freebies so I am exclusively linking them directly to all of you!

This is a sampler kit, from my "Ellie" kit that I completed last week.
It contains 12 pieces, 4 of which are papers. This kit was inspired by my daughter Ellie and her birthday party last September.
The blog post for it will be active tomorrow.

6/21/13 STILL Current

This week's Freebie Friday is a fun one. I've created 13 different 12x12" pattern overlays that you can apply to papers. Each of the 13 patterns are actually not black and white, but black and transparent. Grids, Diamonds, Polka-dots, Polka-dots in various sizes, diagonal lines, chevron, squares and more!

You can grunge them up and apply them, or just apply them as they are. Very easy to create many different looking papers with this set alone.

**If you have any trouble downloading this kit let me know. It's working for some people and not for others. I can't pin point why this would be because I have tested it, re-zipped, and uploaded it and it seems to work fine. I have kept the link active another week Just to make sure everyone gets a chance at this one.

Freebie Friday #8 - Patterened overlays

6/28/2013 EXPIRED

I've done regular glitter, this time I'm doing heart shaped glitters, and I am giving you MORE! 16 different colored glitter patterns (seemless) for you!

Each PNG is 997x710px

Freebie Friday #9 - Heart Glitters


(7/2/14) Numbered Birthday Candle PNGs

get all 10 of them!

Your first kit is very nice! ( Much better than my first kit!!!! LOL!) Go girl! smiley

hi love it thank u. smiley

Thank you ladies! I appreciate it! smiley

Beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing!

You did a wonderful job with your first kit!

Wonderful Works!

hi thank u. smiley

I hope everyone hasn't been missing out on my friday freebies. I know many times they don't show up as new in the forum because I update the original post rather than comment on it. So from now on, I'll leave a comment here to remind everyone.

the ribbons look great, thank you.

Check out the bottom of my post, I have free tags!

I LOVE these tags... the textures on them are great... now I just need to come up with a project to use them in! lol. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Sarah, you are very welcome!

New Freebies! Look at the bottom of my original post! ^^^ way up there! A sampler from a kit I made last week.

Love the kit.

Love the colors! Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a fun fur baby b-day!

13 Patterned overlays.. get them while they're hot! Lots of styles!

hi great overlays thanks smiley

There is a problem when I unzip the files and I end up with an empty folder.

Can you help please?

Luv Chris

Thank you. I LOVE overlays.

I had the same problem Chris had... got an error message and the folder was empty... I don't remember the exact error message, but I left a comment on the blog post that I think I gave more details in.

Which weeks did you have trouble with? I'll repost them. I only offer them for a 3 day window. So each week's freebie is available from Friday to Monday. Sometimes I forget to take them off the server for a whole week.

I re-zipped the file incase there were any errors within, and I uploaded it again. You can try again

It seems to be the 0x80004005 Error. I tried again and encountered this. I will just upload the patterened overlays to my site 1 by 1 and give you guys the links. It seems the zip is corrupt every time I try to unzip it.

The freebies in the past are now no longer available. I'll be posting new ones.

wonderful overlays. Thank you.

Numbered Birthday Candles for free at my blog! Scroll to the original post on this thread for a preview or go to my blog here: Nazy's Design

missed nbr 7 for the birthday candles! Thanks

Hi Renee. Great Freebies but I'm curious if they are PU or CU... can you please change the title of your thread to match this template: FREEBIES CU: Your Designer Name or FREEBIES PU: Your Designer Name or FREEBIES CU/PU: Your Designer Name. Doing that will make it easier for folks to know what your TOU is.

Thank you.

I'm sorry! I updated the link and added the #7 in.

thanks so much for sharing, it's perfect.

these are great. thanks

I love the birthday candles! Thanks!