July Blog Trains

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July Blog Trains

Violet suggested we bring this thread back so we can use this thread to post any blog trains you come across this month. I'll check back every day and post the links you all post into this first post so it'll be easy to navigate and find what you're looking for.

Here's the link for the only blog train I've come across thus far...

STS July Road Trip starts here

dusk2dawn blog train

DST July 2013 Blog Train - Welcome to My World

Scraps N Pieces Blog Train

gorgeous 1950's retro
beautiful colors

summer themes....
Just Beachy
The Hidden Deep

I contributed to the STS blog train this month. There is also the DST blog train (I also participated in this one), but its only on until the 15th, so hurry up over here for the list:

DST July 2013 Blog Train - Welcom to My World

The DSF blog train is going this month too: http://www.digishoptalk.com/insider/blog-train-july-2013/

Marisa... I think you gave us the link to DST not DSF... and I can't remember what DSF stands for to look it up and find the link on my own.

Thank you Liz!

Yep, the DSF blog train is in August.

Today only... TLC is hosting an It's a Jungle Out There Blog Hop... you can find the list of stops here

there is also a coordinating freebie in this post...

Brenda thank you for the links... I added them to the top post to make it easier for folks to find them... Looking forward to checking them out... I love your designs (I look forward to your newsletters every week) so I'm sure your portions of the trains are fabulous. Thank you again!

Thank you!

Here's one of the stops on the Scraps and Pieces blog train. Scraps and pieces Facebook blog

The Scraps and Pieces FB train is great!! It's HUGE, the colors are great, and the theme is fun, Glitz and Glam!

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